How to Detect Paranormal Activity in Your Home

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Are the lights turning off and on by themselves? Do you feel a presence when no one is there? Do you feel like you are being watched? Each of these can signal that there is a ghost in your home, but the paranormal can also be very subtle to where you don’t notice them. Detecting a spirit then relies on your body’s changes like chills, energy drains, implanted thoughts that are not yours, and mood swings. If you’ve had any of those happen, no, you are not going crazy, although it can feel like that. Is it paranormal? Read on to find out and detect what is going on in your home.

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Signs of a Ghost

Let’s start first with the signs there might be a ghost in your home.

  • Lights turn on and off by themselves
  • The air feels denser like there is someone there, but you do not see anyone
  • You have a feeling of being watched
  • You get weird phone calls with either no sound, a few sounds, static, or silence out of the blue on your home landline phone or cell phone
  • You have mood swings that can range from feeling sad one minute to feeling over-the-moon happy the next, but when you leave your house, these mood swings stop the further you get from where you live
  • You get unexplained thoughts that suddenly land in your mind. Thoughts can include from feeling unmotivated to harmful thoughts, but you realize these thoughts did not come from you for any reason whatsoever and you do not have them outside of the home
  • You see things out of the corner of your eye as if someone is standing or moving around
  • You see shadow figures
  • You feel your energy drained often, but when you leave the house, you feel better
  • You may get headaches or body aches that are not there when you leave the house
  • You hear sounds and things that are not there
  • You notice things are moved around in rooms
  • Doors slam, shut, open or close without anyone being there
  • Objects move around and potentially fly through the air

Detect Spirits In Your Home

  1. Lights going off and on by themselves. Doors opening and closing by themselves.
  2. Dogs barking at things that are not there. Sometimes cats get scared and hiss at things that are not there. Our dog, Blue, a Maltipoo, will bark at things that are not there. She will bark at neighbors too. But, when she barks at things that are not there, that is when we wonder what is going on.
  3. Things are shifting or moving around in your home like objects.
  4. Through your thoughts. If you are not aware of your thoughts and who you are as a person, what your normal day-to-day thinking habits and emotions are, this is something to pay attention to. Look at your regular rhythm for daily life. It you are really aware of your thoughts and emotions, you will know right away when a thought lands in your subconsious that is not yours.

If the thought continues to persist, and you know it is not you, it could be a spirit who is trying to influence your thoughts. We had a few ghosts try to do that.

After taking the steps to learn more about spirit communication, and how they can come in and be attracted to us since we have medium abilities, I realize when they come in and try to speak through our thoughts.

And example of a thought that lands in your mind is there was a thought of jealousy twoards my partner that things could be going on behind my back. There was also a small vision of it that came through as well. I know it is something he wouldn’t do because I know my partner well and myself.

There was also this automatic thought that was degrading towards me. I wouldn’t normally think this about myself. It was filled with hate. I know I wouldn’t think that.

Another thought that came through was unmotivating. Especially mental things. Physical things maybe more so than mental. There was one thought a spirit sent to me where I felt unmotivated to get up and turn off a fan. We were going to record EVPs. If I didn’t turn it off, we would hear the fan noise on the EVPs. The spirit sent me a thought that I did not want to get up to turn off the fan, or that I felt unmotivated. It was a quick sentence that I could hear in my mind.

I realized it was not my voice in my mind. That was key for me to know it was not me. It landed in my mind without me thinking about it.

I had to talk back to it and push back. After that, I felt more motivated to get up and turn off the fan.

We’ve had other spirits try to send us throughts to push us over the edge. They send it to your mind. The way I deal with it is to talk back to it. In doing that, I gain my power back. I gain my confidence back.

I realize it is a spirit trying to demotivate me and derail me. So if you are aware of your thoughts, you will know when a thought that is not yours comes in and that it could be a spirit in your homd.

5. Another way to detect spirits is through emotions. There are up and down emotions. It could feel like you are going to cry one minute and are elated/happy the next. It’s an upand down wave. You could feel really depressed for no reason.

You could feel rage, jealousy, or any other lower vibration emotions. Here is the distinguishing factor. I realize this sounds like it could be mental illness. But, when you leave the house, and the farther you get away from the house and the spirit, you do not feel this anymore. You feel better. You feel more like yourself.

If your energy feels like it is being sucked out of you and you’re feeling drained with the up and down emotions, it could be a spirit putting their energy onto you.

6. Use a crystal or pendulum. Go around a house with a crystal. I like to use White Quartz. It can detect a lot of things. It can detect blockages in your emotions. You can wave it around you head and body.

It can even detect ticks on a dog. I know it sounds really crazy, but I did use it for this. My dog would go trampsing out into the woods and come back with a lot of ticks on him. No matter what type of pill or medicine we gave him, there would be ticks on him.

We had to remove them. He had thick fur. He was half Australian Shepherd and half Rottweiler. The best way I could detect them was with a crystal. I would run it along his body and it would automatically stop where a tick was. It would have this interesting energy to it. It was almost like a pointer.

I would stop and feel between his fur. Sure enough there was a tick. Detecting spirits with a White Quartz crystal is helpful. Move it around your home and let it tell you when there is an energy there. You will feel the crystal change its energy.

A pendulum will do the same thing. It swings left for NO and right for YES. But it is depending on how you set it up. That is the universal way of setting up your pendulum.

Carry it with you around the house. Go in a certain room, ask if there is a spirit in the room.

Mine is going to the left, which means NO.

Was there a spirit in here before? YES.

Have we cleared out this spirit from this home? YES

I know this is true because we had gotten a healer friend to do that.

You can carry this around with you. It’s just a crystal on a chain or a regular pendulum.

Typically, you want to have your elbow resting on a flat surface so that you are as neutral as possible and not influencing the pendulum.

7. Use ghost detecting equipment. They have some at and they have all kinds of different equipment you can use. One caution I want to give you is that sometimes when you are conducting tests in your home, it can bring in more activity rather than reducing it.

In all the investigations I’ve been on so far, we’ve been able to reduce the activity in the home by asking questions and talking to spirits. However, that is not always the case.

Conducting EVPs and spirit box and any other equipment you use (K2 and Melmeter), sometimes that has the potential to increase communication from the ghost. They then want to get your attention. Just keep that in mind when you are going through your house and asking questions about the ghost.

Clear Out Your Home of a Ghost

  1. Bring in the white light. Bring it in, ask Archangel Michael to remove any spirits there.

How I do this is to imagine the spirit and then to ask it to go into the white light with Archangel Michael. Sometimes a spirit will be reluctant. If it is a spirit that is harmless, who is not causing you any harmful thoughts or emotions or bothering you, it is okay to try and work out a way for the spirit to be there if you don’t mind doing that.

2. Ask it to leave the house. But, you do have to be forceful in asking it to leave. Otherwise, if it is being harmful and bothering you, your kids or spouse, there is a different way to deal with it.

Basically, it is to hold it into the white light with Archangel Michael’s help to remove it from your home. That can be a struggle at times. You have to be forceful in asking it to leave.

It can be a struggle for some people to maintain the focus to do that. I’ve had my share of having focus issues with ghosts in my own home. They try to persuade you not to do that. They talk back and make you think you can’t concentrate on it.

But, if you are able to cleanse yourself. Surround yourself with the white light first, purify yourself, cleanse yourself to where you have the strength and focus to remove the ghost. Be persistent and communicate with authority. That is what I learned it takes to remove a ghost.

Another thing you can consider is to get a sage stick. Burn it while you are asking the ghost to be removed. It will cleanse the house. It is a great belief tool for you to use to know you are cleansing the house and removing the ghost. Maintain the confidence.

If those things fail, I suggest getting a healer or medium to help you remove it. If you feel you are losing focus or not getting the job done with removing the ghost.

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