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I look forward to working with you in synergy to create the life you want! I offer a variety of options for my psychic readings and energy healing services that include a live phone or Skype call, email reading, or video psychic reading. Once you place your order for a live reading, you will receive a link to my schedule for you to book your session with me. If you place an email or video reading, you’ll receive your reading via email within 3 business days. You’ll find more information about the readings below and in the shop. Please also read my Policies and FAQs for more information.

  • Energy Healing
  • Medium Readings
  • Psychic Readings
  • Medical Intuitive Readings


When you’re feeling stressed or like something just isn’t right, but not sure of the reason, an energy healing session can release anxiety and low energy from your body. Even if you’re experiencing a cold or other physical symptom, a healing session may help release the issue or alleviate the symptoms of it. Healing sessions rebalance your aura, body, mind, and soul so that you feel more refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Release heavy energy that may be weighing you down
  • Get motivated again
  • Heal the root cause of what’s holding you back


When you’ve lost a loved one, you may have a lot of questions about their experience on the other side. You may feel there’s unfinished communication between you and the crossed over loved on. Through a Medium Session, we can tap into them together and ensure we have the right spirit through evidential information about them when they were on earth. Messages are passed from them to you and you are able to ask question. A Medium Session can help release feelings of grief for your loved one.

  • Get evidential evidence your loved one is communicating from the other side
  • Reconnect with your loved ones for any messages
  • Feel release from the heavy burden of grief


If you’re feeling confused about a relationship, work situation, or decision, a psychic reading can provide the clarity you need. Through a psychic reading session, you will find the answers from the help of the universe guiding you towards your higher path. A psychic reading can often verify what you already know to be true, but still need to talk with someone about to fully understand what’s happening in reality. A psychic reading session can often be a look behind the scenes at the thoughts and motivations of another individual.

  • Get guidance towards your best decisions and higher path with a psychic reading
  • Find the truth within yourself
  • See behind the scenes of relationships and situations


When you’re not sure what’s going on in your body and want someone to look around, point the way to how you’re feeling, what you’re noticing. I can’t diagnose, but I can look and say what I see that is happening in your body. Medical intuition usually helps doctors to pinpoint what could be going on for a person without expensive tests, scans, or when all else fails. Let me help you “see” what’s happening and relay this information to you.

  • Get an idea of what could be happening in your body
  • Check on things if you’re currently working with a doctor
  • Understand why you’re feeling and noticing what’s going on

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