About Gabby Conde

Author, Psychic Medium, and Healer

HI, I’m Gabby

My main goal is to help you trust you again. Heal the past and achieve mental clarity. Finally, find what you want in life and create it.

When you invest in a healing, coaching session, or psychic reading, you enter a deeply personal relationship with your reader. If you feel hurt by other people, betrayed, or like your life has no personal or professional direction, these aren’t things you can say to just anyone. What you need is a psychic with a proven track record for accuracy and a commitment to supporting you.

That is why I am here to help. I have been through rough times and sought to learn how to heal myself and others through professional training and experience. I learned what it takes to heal. What I do best is to guide you through any situation you’re in right now. I help you develop a clear vision and action plan to reach your goals and manifest what you desire in love, business, and relationships.

Since 2008


I’m here to help guide you. If you’re feeling lost and in the dark, gain new perspectives and confidence in what you can do about your situation. I’ve struggled through tough times and relationships. Spirit has led me through and gave me the ability to help you reclaim peace and freedom in your life.


I’ve been called a guide in the dark. I light your next steps and help you regain a sense of who you are again. It is my mission to help you find you again. I help you discover how to trust yourself again by finding the way using your inner senses. I believe your senses were given by God to you to fulfill your goals and to live your values. I help you find your inner guidance to make empowering decisions so that you can live your best life.


I’ve helped 1000s of people across the globe and give full confidentiality in readings. I approach all readings with no judgment. My goal is only to help and support you in your choices.


I am Clairvoyant and trained as a Remote Viewer. I always try to provide you with evidential information of who and what I see, on your feelings, and information I pick up about your person-of-interest and situation.

Gabby’s Experience

Gabby works as a psychic and healer since 2008 online and in person. She helps clients feel better, find soul mates, and discover their life purpose. She also helps to sense spirits and ease them to the other side. She has brought comfort to those who have lost loved ones. She can see what will happen in the future and the different paths you can take. Based on this information, you can make conscious decisions.

She is also a certified business consultant with experience serving in the online industry since 2006. She has worked with many coaches, healers, lawyers, small to large corporations, local and national businesses. In using her intuition in business, Gabby helps sole proprietors and corporations increase their leads and sales and frequently receives testimonials from clients who are enjoying success in their business. She enjoys using a blend of intuition, research, and analytics. With experience in online marketing, she has a knack for helping her clients find and use their strengths.

At the root of some of her clients’ struggles, she finds negative experiences holding them back from achieving their dreams. As a constant learner and leader, she studies a range of healing techniques from art therapy, counseling, to neuroscience to bring effective healing treatments to clients through understanding the way the brain works and heals in response to trauma and negative experiences.

She is a certified Psychic, Life Coach, Remote Viewer, Hypnotist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Energy Healer. Through a 10-month internship with the award-winning mental health facility, Skyland Trail, she used evidence-based practices to provide treatment to clients with mental disorders including Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, and Bipolar types I and II. She currently uses this experience to guide clients in techniques to overcome limits in their lives.


  • Master’s Classes in Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy, Prescott College
  • Internship in CBT Counseling with Top-Ranked Mental Health Facility
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Academy for Invincible Healers, Certified Energy Scan Healer Practitioner Level II, 2015
  • Certified Clairvoyant Psychic, Lynn McKenzie, 2014
  • Certified Past Life Regression & Hypnotist, Dr. Steve G. Jones, 2015
  • Certified NLP Coach, 2012
  • Astrology, Cartomancy & Tarot Courses

What customers say

The past life event was described so detailed that i thought i was reading a storybook but the main character is me. The emotions and traits are spot on. Thanks for helping me to overcome my inner fear.

Andy C.

Wonderful experience with Gabrielle who provides the details which resonates which how I have been feeling in me. She put the words in writing which my mind may be portraying but unable to put a full picture. Gabrielle makes me understand myself better. Thank you

Jenn T.

As always, very clear and direct but also very detailed. She is the real deal! I have used her before and now I think I found my very own personal psychic!

Anna M.


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