Free Pick A Card Tarot Reading

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Hello and welcome!

Want to know what’s coming up for the week? Need a little bit of guidance to make decisions right now? Ready to uncover the truth of what’s going on for you in your life?The Pick a Card Tarot Reading is designed to help you learn more about all of these things in your life right now. Just apply the reading to one burning question you have at the moment.

When you are ready, think of your question, then choose a card – 1, 2, or 3. The crystals pictured are also listed below.

pick card tarot reading crystals

#1 Tarot Card – 3 of Wands

three wands tarot card reading

This week you’re feeling restless and a little bored. You wish to seek new opportunities and calls that excite your spirit. Listen to the nudge that comes to you. You may need an adventure or to try something new to refresh your soul.

When this card comes up, it also means that you are intended to take action this week. Although you may not know what to expect, the 3 brings joy and harmony as you move forward with what is prompting you to change.

The Dalmatian Jasper healing stone is pictured with the 3 of wands. It is symbolic for play. This week, you will want to seek some outlet to let go and play in. It’ll do wonders for your soul and reconnect you to your sense of childlike wonder and fun.

# 2 Tarot Card – The Fool

the fool tarot card reading

Are you watching where you are going right now? It looks like you may be going in a direction that is going to be a bumpy ride down the side of a cliff. The Fool is very naive and dreaming about the future, but not watching where he is going. Take a step back this week and look at where you are heading. Does it match up with your goals? Is it the best possible way to get there?

You’re at the beginning of something new so there is still time to alter the course to ensure a successful and safe journey for everyone, including you involved. One of the issues that come up around The Fool when I pull this card is that usually you’re at the beginning of a relationship and one of you is playing the Fool. Fools often rush in so take a step back and let things unfold before judging whether a relationship is going to go right for you, or whether you need to exit stage right.

The healing stone pictured is the Arabic Writing Stone, also known as the Calligraphy writing stone, or Miriam stone. Its unique pattern is captivating. It is helpful as a grounding stone to help you focus on the direction of your writing and also in the moment.

What would be most helpful to you right now is to journal your thoughts and feelings. Ask yourself questions about what’s going on right now that you need to be aware of. This will help you get in touch with your inner guidance to navigate the path of the Fool at the moment.

#3 Tarot Card – 4 of Pentacles

four pentacles tarot card reading

It looks like right now is a time where you will want to save your money and your energy from opportunities right now. It’s a better time for you to retreat inward and find out what your next step is towards the right direction.

While it can also mean that you are holding on too tightly to something in your life, it also represents the need to find your inner truth. After you find what is holding you back from achieving what you want, you can finally let go of the need to control. Then you can move forward on your path again.

A selenite crystal is pictured with this card. It represents the need to clear your energy and to block out other people’s influences right now. You only need to tune into what you feel is true for you right now. Getting too many opinions on your life situation will overwhelm your energy and can make you feel stuck like you can’t make a decision. Start to release other people’s energy from your space and clear any negative energy. Doing this will help you open up to receiving knowledge from the universe.

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