5 Steps to Overcome Your Limits

Aug 27, 2019Healing1 comment

Ever feel stuck? Feel as if you’re in an invisible box and can’t escape? Not sure why it is there? If you’re feeling this way, then you have limits placed on you inside your mind. One of the ways to change these limits is through developing a mindset to overcome them. It’s not always easy though. It takes strength, courage and resiliency. It takes practice and some days will be better than others. In this post, I give you tips to keep going to overcome your limits.

  1. Think like you’re going to overcome it. When you’re in the middle of things, it is hard to see the end in sight. But, it is necessary if you’re going to overcome what you are going through. In one of theĀ Chicken Soup for the SoulĀ books, I remember reading about a swimmer who set out to break a record and be the first woman to swim the English Channel. On the first try, it was foggy and she couldn’t see where she was going. It drained her motivation. She climbed back into the boat of the pacer who was rowing nearby where she swam. She knew she could do it, but wasn’t sure how. Then, she realized she needed to visualize the end goal. Even though she couldn’t see the end, if she visualized it, it gave her a final view of the horizon so she had something to swim toward. Try doing the same for your goals and situations when they come up. Visualize the end goal. It will help you remember that anything you’re going through is temporary.

2. Develop courage. Having courage means facing problems head-on. When they’re coming at you, you can’t hide under the covers or in the bed. Although it is tempting to, and maybe one day is okay, it is best to deal with whatever you’re needing to handle right away. If you let it pile up on you and stack, it can cause issues later. Take mail for an example. Let’s say you collect the mail, but do not go through it. Maybe you missed a bill in the pile of letters. Over time, they add late fees to the bill and that stacks up to be costly until they cut off the service. Letting things pile up like that can have serious consequences so work on handling things right away. You’ll feel better.

3. Adapt quickly. Learning how to adapt means to adjust to other people’s needs and to overcome any hurdles put in front of you to still reach your goals. If a couch is placed in the middle of the road, you can usually go around it. If an obstacle is placed in your path, find a way around or through or over it. You’ll have to add the obstacle to your list of things to do to reach your goal, but once you get past the obstacle, you’ll have gained more resiliency. You’ll be able to adapt quickly to any other obstacles and keep the mindset of reaching your goals, rather than backing down.

4. Find out the cause for the limits. Usually, limits are placed on us from our mindset, but they originated from somewhere. Was it from your parents, upbringing, society, or something else? Take a moment and ask yourself why this limit is here, keeping you from your goal. I recommend journaling the answer to the question. Through journaling, you can find out a lot about yourself and it has a magical way of resolving the original issue once you gain awareness of it.

5. Stay balanced. Take some time for your self-care. Do something that helps you stay relaxed and calm. A few ideas include journaling, meditating, exercise, hiking or getting out in nature, and coloring. As you take time to do one of these activities, you will balance your energy and release worry and stress. This is important for you to overcome your limits because it allows your brain to rest.

Release Your Limits Now

In this episode of my previous podcast, Tuning Into the Universe, I share with you how to go from fear to flow. There’s a guided meditation for you to use to overcome your limits inside the episode.