Get Connected with Your Spirit Guides

Build a Relationship of Trust to Manifest What You Want and Transform Any Life Area

When I first connected with my spirit guides, I was a little afraid. What did these people or beings from the other side want from me? But, after connecting for the initial time and asking questions, I realized they wanted me to live and experience life. They wanted to help me make the best choices to live my life at a higher level.

But after my divorce and letdowns from others in my life, it was hard to trust them at first. I had to learn they are friendly and want to help me. I had to learn to ask for what I wanted so they could help.

It was a BIG transformation for me. And connecting with my Spirit Guides helped me step forward as a leader in my life. I was no longer someone who sat on the sidelines.

Your Spirit Guides want to help you too.

If you want to be more intentional in all areas of your life, they are here to guide you. I show you how.

Your Spirit Guides Want You To Win In Life. Wouldn’t It Be Great To Have Them On Your Side To Guide You Every Step Of The Way?

Imagine this…

What would your life have been like if you had connected with your spirit guides earlier?

How would they have helped you in your teen years, in your twenties, or even yesterday?

When I was a teenager life was confusing. I didn’t have anyone to talk with about it except my friends. And they were trying to figure out life for themselves. They developed bad attitudes and negative habits. And they often looked down on themselves and other people.

If we had a connection with our loving spirit guides, it would have been different.

We would have had wisdom and guidance to help us with those challenging, confusing years, rather than struggle through them.

But we didn’t. We made bad choices.

I made bad choices until I learned to listen to my spirit guides.

Here’s the thing.

Your spirit guides want you to win in your life. They are here to help you do that when you ask for their help.

Sure, you might be able to connect with your intuition and figure out the choices you need to make from there, but you are only going by a limited set of guidance.

See, your intuition mostly works from what you’ve learned so far in your life.

Your spirit guides are beyond your intuition.

You know the saying, “Two heads are better than one?”

They have a set of skills, intelligence, and wisdom that they bring to the table. They have different experiences than you’ve had. And they can use their experience, or you can call in a new spirit guide, to help at any time.

If you want to achieve your goals in any area of your life, you can call on their help to do it.


Get the help of your spirit guides to make decisions. Your spirit guides can help during hard, challenging decisions, and every day, routine ones. When you connect with your spirit guides and learn to hear them, you can get the guidance you need and know you are not alone.


Get specific help with any area of your life. You’re not alone in making decisions in business, career, job, money, finances, health, love, and more. Your spirit guides and other beings are there to connect with you in any area of your life. Their guidance can be invaluable to help you move ahead in areas where you’ve felt stuck.


Establish a relationship with your guides. Often, we sometimes need a friend for support in life. Your spirit guides are there for you. When you connect with them, you establish that relationship. Just like friends, you can connect with them at any time for comfort and support.


Get a sense of protection. Spirit guides can act as protectors from the spirit world and may have warnings and other information for us. You may not listen to them if you aren’t connected with them. Discover how to connect with them so that if they ever have a warning for you, you will listen.

Spirit Guides Want You To Know You’re Not Alone. They Are Here To Help You When Asked

Connecting with your spirit guides opens doors to what you want to manifest in your life.

They are here to help you with anything you want. But there’s a catch.

You have to ask for their help.

Imagine if you had their help all the time in your life when you needed someone to help you…


You are no longer alone. Spirit guides are there any time you call on them. They will answer and help you with the next right step for you. All you have to do is ask.


You never have to make decisions by yourself. Spirit guides are there to help you with your decisions. Whether you are choosing your outfit for the day or deciding where to move, spirit guides help you by offering guidance.


You can brainstorm with them how to manifest what you want. And often they may challenge your assumptions and ask you if that is really what you want. Spirit guides have an uncanny way of knowing whether we are in alignment with what we want or not. They will help you reach the next level of what you desire or help you see what you want in its truest form.


You can hold roundtable discussions with them. When you need more guidance than just your spirit guides, you can call in others along with them to help. Roundtable discussions are helpful to strategize any life area you want to transform. And your spirit guides are here to help you do that.

Everyone Can Meet Their Spirit Guide And Get Help For Any Area Of Their Life

All it took for me to meet my spirit guides on day one was a guided meditation. But I didn’t know how to form a relationship with them at the time. I learned how years later.

With guided meditation, you can meet your spirit guides for the first time and go beyond that to start to discover how they talk to you and how to form a relationship with them.

Everyone can meet their spirit guides. Even if you’ve had trouble visualizing them before, you can get a sense of them and what messages they have for you.

While it may be easy enough to find a guided meditation on YouTube, most meditations do not help you with establishing a relationship with your guides. They are one-off meditations, designed to get traffic to the video. They are usually monetized for the creator to earn money from the video.

That is fine to listen to these, but they aren’t going to help you with establishing a genuine, true connection with your spirit guides.

I’ve listened to guided meditations where they’ve asked for the name of their spirit guides and other things. But it is through establishing a practice of connecting with your spirit guides that the true essence of transformation will come in your life.

Meet Only Friendly, Helpful Spirit Guides Who Want The Best For You

You may have heard the stories.

Some people attempt to connect with their spirit guides and connect with other beings that are not always helpful. In fact, some have been harmful.

To connect with your spirit guides, and other beings who are helpful and friendly, you must put that intention into the universe. Other meditations and courses often skip this step.

You will only meet the spirit guides who are connected to you to help you. You can also use the course to connect with other friendly beings that you wish to connect with for guidance and wisdom.

But, you have to discover exactly how to put those intentions out there, barriers for other entities not to connect with you, and how to cleanse your aura after you are finished connecting with your spirit guides.

I’ve Connected With My Spirit Guides To Help In Business, Love, and Other Areas of My Life In a Transformational Way

The reason I created this course is because I didn’t listen to my spirit guides.

They went out of their way to get my attention many times.

One time I heard a voice audibly tell me not to do something.

But I dismissed it.

I didn’t know it was my spirit guides at the time.

I thought maybe it was an angel. But because I couldn’t see it and it didn’t speak again, I thought I was hearing things.

Big mistake.

I suffered from making the wrong choice for over ten years and more.

If I had listened, I would have been better off and so would my kids.

After the consequences of my choices, I learned to listen to my spirit guides and connect with them often.

Through doing so, I learned how to make better choices that eventually led me to where I am today.

I created the Get Connected with Your Spirit Guides and Build a Relationship with Them course to help you discover how they help you in all areas of your life.


Introducing the Get Connected with Your Spirit Guides and Build a Relationship with Them Course

Module 1
Meet Your Spirit Guides

Establish trust and the beginning of a relationship with your spirit guides. In this module, I teach you how to set up your safe space to connect with your spirit guides. You will learn more about them and tell them about your life. We establish the connection and build towards a relationship with them.


Establish a connection with your spirit guides


Set up your safe space to meet your spirit guides


Learn more about them and tell them about your life

Module 2
Asking For Help


Discover the different types of spirit guides that help you in different areas of your life


Understand how to ask your guides for help


Interpret signs they give you or what to do when they are silent and you can’t hear them


Discover how to manifest change with your spirit guides

Module 3
5 Creative Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides


Uncover 5 creative ways to connect with your spirit guides at any time during your day without having to sit through a guided meditation


Get quick answers when you need them from your spirit guides


Discover the questioning process I use to ask spirit guides empowering questions that facilitate transformational change

Module 4
Have a Roundtable Discussion with Your Guides and Other Helpful People


Call in different helpful beings to provide wisdom and guidance. You can call on Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or any other person you wish to help you.


Have a conversational, helpful roundtable discussion with your spirit guides and other helpful beings to assist in any area of your life


Get meaningful, helpful insight that will move you forward to change your life in whatever questions you want answered

Module 5
Build the Relationship with Your Spirit Guides


Keep the connection going with your spirit guides by getting into the habit of conversation with them


Get tips on how to build a relationship with your guides that will help you in every area of your life


Create a routine and ritual to connect with your spirit guides

What’s Inside the Get Connected with Your Spirit Guides

Inside, You Get


5 modules of video training where you will discover how to connect and build a relationship with your spirit guides


5 guided meditations to facilitate the connection with your spirit guides


All of the tips, tools, and resources you need to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with your spirit guides


Printables and journal that supports you through the process of connecting with your spirit guides

Join Me Inside to Connect With Your Spirit Guides and Transform Any Life Area

About Your Metaphysical Guide

Gabby works as a psychic and healer since 2008 online and in person. She helps clients get clarity, help improve relationships, and discover their life purpose. She also helps to sense spirits and ease them to the other side. She has brought comfort to those who have lost loved ones. She can see what will happen in the future and the different paths you can take. Based on this information, you can make conscious decisions.

She is a certified Psychic, Life Coach, Remote Viewer, Hypnotist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Energy Healer. 


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