Prayer to Activate Vital Energy and Emotional Care

Jun 22, 2019Healing, Prayer1 comment

Prayer is a way for us to upload what we want from the universe in love and support of our care and wellbeing. Here’s a prayer for you to say whenever you wish for more energy and vitality and emotional balance.

I am grateful for the grass and earth beneath my feet that supports me

I am grateful for the way that things are now

I am grateful for the life that flows inside of me and for all of the opportunities that are open to me as I am opening in awareness to them now

I am grateful for having the desire to experience love from the universe

I am grateful for the release of stress this prayer brings me as I am releasing this stress now and allowing it to leave my body and to flow back out to the universe

So that I may live in peace and harmony once again with all things

I am experiencing balance and peace in my life now

I am activating the energy of the universe to bring emotional care and vitality I need in my being now

I am in the present and excited about what each moment offers to me

I feel the excitement coming from my inner being

I am excited for right now

For right here and now a

As I let go of all that bothered me before. I can’t even remember what bothered me before as I feel I am shifted into a new energy now

Into feeling more grounded and at one with the universe

Into feeling like I have the power to do whatever I want to in my life

It is my life and I feel I am able to move forward through it now

I am able to find the love I want

I am able to find a love that is lasting and committed and that allows me to be me

A love that is positive and exciting and grounding that is truly a partnership for me so that I can finally experience the joy and bliss that comes from a loving relationship

Until that time, I am enjoying my life. I am experiencing love and bliss and joy!

I feel joyful and excited in my life right now, in this very moment right now.
I am so happy and thankful to have this joy and bliss right now

I feel my heart connected to this joy and bliss

I say YES to this experience now

Knowing that I am supported by the universe who lovingly guides me to all things that are good for me.

And if I get scared at any time, I know that I have the power to wait and to make a decision that comes from my heart and my inner power and is what I want to experience

I am releasing all negative experiences to the universe now

I ask that the universe attend to my emotional care right now

And shift me into love for myself and for what I need first and foremost

I am allowing the energy of the universe to come in now

The lightning energy that shifts me to a new vibration

Within my core being and flushes out all the negative experiences and feelings

For my emotional well being and for my care

And I am bringing in all positive, joyful experiences

That aid and assist in replenising my vitality and love of life

I allow all good things into my life now

I am letting it be done

And so it is