Mantra for Protection – Invoke the Protection of the Universe

Jun 22, 2019Healing, Mantras1 comment

To keep your energy clear and clean after receiving a healing, or after you heal yourself from negative events in your life, it’s important to seek the protection of the universe. You can do this through a variety of forms from visualization, to mantra chanting, to prayer. One way I consider as fun and connecting to other people around the world is to chant. But, I don’t do it by myself. I listen to mantra chants.

One of my favorite artists is Snatum Kaur. Her voice is beautiful and makes me feel in touch with the energy of the song she is singing. The background music is also so fitting to all of her songs. Here’s a video of Aad Guray Nameh. It is the mantra for protection and invokes the protective energy of the universe.


Lyrics to Aad Guray Nameh:

Aad Guray Namay
I bow to the Primal Guru

Jugaad Guray Namay
I bow to the Guru woven troughout time

Sat Guray Namay
I bow to the True Guru, the true identity of the Self

Siri Guru Devay Namay
I bow to the great Guru whose Great Gloy will always be

Artist: Snatum Kaur