Improve Your Wellbeing Using These 5 Crystals Daily

Aug 16, 2020Crystals1 comment

Crystals are beautiful and they help us stay calm, motivated, and focused on our goals. They also help in releasing blockages from past experiences and emotions. But when things are out of balance in our lives, we need them more than ever to use each day. Crystals can help us achieve our intentions, but we must know how to use them. In this blog post, you’ll discover the top 5 crystals that help you achieve what you desire.

Benefits of Using Crystals Daily

Every day we build up energy in our energetic system. We sometimes don’t notice until things seem chaotic and out of balance. That is when we may seek to clear our chakras, meditate more, or other types of healing. But, if you take time to balance your energy daily, you won’t experience a build up of energy and low emotions in your system. You will clear them out each day.

Crystals help with this by holding the intention for our focus of clearing. We can use them as an aid and witness to clearing our energetic bodies. They are essentially a way to hold the focus in a visual form. Since they are visual for us to see and tangible to hold, they become the representatives of our intention in the world. If you focus on clearing your energy with crystals daily, you also focus on your intention. The focus helps to reset your energy and align with your goals.

5 Best Crystals to Use to Support Your Wellbeing

  1. Clear White Quartz

If you get white crystal quartz that is clear to where you can see through it, you will be using what’s known in healing circles as a Master Healer crystal. It is helpful to get blockages flowing again and getting rid of sticky, negative energy.

If you’ve needed clarity around decisions, use a white quartz to help you make decisions that support your wellbeing. White quartz crystals for healing are helpful to release trapped memories and emotions in your energetic system.

By clearing all of this out, you will gain more clarity, vibrance, and enjoyment in life. Use it anytime you feel anxious, fear, or worried about things in your life. If you use it daily, you will notice the difference in your overall way of being, thoughts, and mood.

Properties of White Quartz Crystals:

  • Supports clarity
  • Helps find stuck thoughts and feelings
  • Removes negative issues you haven’t resolved in your mind

2. Blue Lace Agate

Even looking at a blue lace agate crystal is soothing. The light blue color invokes a sense of calmness. It’s excellent to keep on your desk or in your pocket if you’re feeling anxious or nervous about something coming up.

Blue lace agate can help clear your daily energy through meditation with this natural stone. Use it in meditation to focus your intention on releasing the day from your energy. It’s a like a mini retreat back into yourself, to get back in tune with yourself. It helps your overall wellbeing by maintaining a sense of calmness and trust in the universe.

Properties of Blue Lace Agate

  • Helps soothe you at the end of the day
  • Promotes peace in yourself and your environment
  • Helps you get more restful sleep

3. Amethyst

Amethyst is also calming and is also used as a protective stone. Its beauty is helpful for you to focus on more beauty in your life. It is helpful for remembering to indulge in self-care and to notice the beauty within you.

Amethyst also helps establish focus on quiet time and reflection on your thoughts and feelings at the end of the day. Use amethyst during journaling time in the morning or evening to get clarity.

Amethyst also brings peaceful vibes to your environment. Use it to encourage more peace and less conflict.

Properties of Amethyst

  • Connects you to your psychic abilities
  • Enhances peace in yourself and your environment
  • Promotes quiet time for reflection

4. Selenite

Selenite is helpful to keep other people’s energies out of your aura. If you place a stick of selenite in front of your keyboard, it will keep other people’s energies from affecting you, especially when you work with emails or the Internet. Otherwise, keep a small stick of selenite with you in your pocket to avoid other people’s energies from affecting yours.

You can also use selenite in your nightly crystal aura cleansing routine by waving your selenite all around your body with the intention to clear your aura. Selenite will help cleanse your aura and keep it clear from other people’s energy getting into it.

Properties of Selenite

  • Clears your energy and aura
  • Removes stuck and negative energy in your environment
  • Protects your energy from others

5. Citrine

While most of the crystals above do boost your energy in some form, citrine is one that will recharge your energy and fuels your creativity. It helps you tune into your imagination more and get through challenges. If you’ve felt stuck with a challenge, then use citrine for clarity and ideas on how to overcome it so that you can bounce back quickly.

Citrine also helps you to keep going. If you take a piece of citrine with you during the day, you can tap into its frequency throughout the day to keep your energy levels up. Since it also helps with focusing on your goals, keep one on your desk during the day.

Properties of Citrine

  • Boosts your energy
  • Keeps you focused
  • Enhances your creativity

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