How to Use Sage to Cleanse Your Home and Space from Negative Energy

Jun 22, 2019Clearing, Healing, Healthy Living, Home Life1 comment

Have you ever felt as if your emotions are going up and down and not sure why? Do you feel like there’s negative energy in your home? Want a clearing of your house from entities?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to use White Sage to smudge your home. It will cleanse and clear the home of negative energy, leaving it feeling clear, crisp, and bright. It works so well, you’ll notice the difference.

Why Cleanse Your Home

If you’ve noticed your emotions going up and down, getting frustrated or aggravated about little things really easily, you may have a build-up of negative energy in your home. While this may not always be the case for your roller coaster emotions, it doesn’t hurt to smudge your home with sage anyway to rid your home of any pent up energy.

Another reason is that sage can clear out not only negative energy, but also negative entities. At the previous home we stayed at, we had a negative entity problem. There were two ghosts who lived there with us and they would influence our emotions and environment. When we would clear the home using sage, we would finally experience peace and relief. What I didn’t know at the time was that we were supposed to keep using the sage to completely get rid of the entity. But what I did notice was that each time I smudged with sage, we didn’t have experiences as often.

Negative energy attracts negative entities and using sage in your home will release the negative energy. It helps to balance out the energy in the home and makes it feel fresh and brighter. I believe that it brings the energy up a level, or it feels like that.

How to Use Sage to Smudge Your Home

1. Buy a stick of white sage. You can get this from your local metaphysical store, online, and maybe even at your local Walmart! One of my friends called me the other day and said that Walmart now carries sage. She lives in Arizona so maybe it is more popular there than in Georgia. Who knows? It may be located at your nearest store though.
2. Put the sage on a plate or some other type of heat-proof container or object. Since burning white sage will often result in some of the pieces falling off of the stick of sage, I recommend to place the sage on a ceramic plate or some type of material that can withstand the heat. We don’t want to catch your home on fire so having some type of heat proof plate or object for you to sit the sage on while you cleanse your home will catch any falling pieces.

One way that Native Americans burned sage was to place it in an abalone shell and waft the smoke using a large turkey feather. You may notice at some metaphysical shops that the turkey feathers are located near to or next to where the sage is also located.
3. Light the sage. Take a match or lighter and light the sage. Blow on it to help spread the flame and burn area. You’ll know it is working because you will see smoke rising from the sage. The smoke is what you will use to clear your home.
4. Use the smoke to waft it in areas of the room. Be sure to walk around the room to get the corners and cover the entire area. You’ll want to move from room to room to get the whole house.
5. State a prayer or intention as you use the sage to clear out your rooms and home. A simple intention is enough and can be something like, “I allow the sage to clear my home of all negative energy and entities. I only allow love, light and peace to enter here. Any negative energy and entities that are trapped here are now released and are commanded to leave my home. Cleanse with love, light and peaceful energy now.”

If you are using the sage to get rid of entities, please note that you may have to use sage a few times each week. I recommend at least 3 times per week. Do it everyday if you have to, or each time you notice that the entity is still there. You’ll want to focus your intention on the sage clearing the home or business of the entity and negative energy and that you only allow love, light and peace to reside there. You can still say the intention above to help release the home of the entity, but will want to increase the frequency that you cleanse with the sage.

How to Use Sage to Smudge Yourself

When I would go to Arizona for our Art Therapy Intensive learning workshops, my mentor would always smudge us before we left after two weeks of intensive work. The work we did there would bring out long harbored feelings, release of emotions and negative situations, and oftentimes attendees would share trauma. It was a place and space to deal with these things as they came up as they often did in the art we created.

Before we left, she would take a stick of white sage and waft it around our entire body from our head to our toes and back up again. She would say, “Let all of the energy from the retreat be released from you now. Go in peace, love and light safely on your way.”

It was our ritual. It also brought a brightness and closing to our time spent there.

If you wish to smudge yourself, just try the same, wafting the sage stick around your body and stating your intention to let the energy go.

Smudging Your Crystals

Using sage to smudge your crystals recharges them as it gets rid of all negative energy that has been housed in them from using them in your healing or psychic work.

1. Place the sage on a plate or other heat proof object.
2. Light the sage.
3. As the smoke wafts up, take your crystal and hold it over the smoke, moving it around to get all of the crystal in the smoke.
4. Set the intention to cleanse and clear your crystal. You may want to say this, “Cleanse and clear this crystal so that it is returned to its normal state. Only love, light and peace may reside in it.”