How to Quit Doubting Your Psychic Abilities

Jun 22, 2019Psychic, Use Your Abilities1 comment

It happens from time to time. As you start doing your first few readings, you will likely have a lot of doubt and wonder if you should even be doing them. Whether you’re doing psychic readings for yourself or others, doubt is a normal thing to experience. As you practice and grow your abilities, keep these tips in mind to help you overcome doubt when using your psychic abilities.

1. Let go of expectations

When I first started doing readings, if I had a client who was well-known, I would look them up first to get a layout of their life before the reading. I realized after doing this a few times that it was more confusing than it was helpful. When I started not connecting with them and went in blindly to the reading, I was able to connect with them better and really experience all of the psychic clairabilities that wanted to speak during our session. I was able to get out of the thinking mind and more into our session.

While it’s great to be organized, planning the session and learning about your clients before the session can lead to frustrating moments trying to remember all the details and make them fit. It’s not always up to the psychic to make information fit into someone’s life. We may see and hear people they see and hear in reality, but often, our interpretation is a 50/50 chance it is even right or not. Have you had this happen with a psychic reading before? It’s not fun to hear one thing only to experience it in reality differently. It’s best to just say what you are seeing. If you know body language really well, then interpret that because it often leads to it being right.

Let go of how you think you should interpret a reading when you’re just starting and let things flow through you. As you let the reading flow, you’ll let go of your expectations and find that you connect better with your client.

2. Stop over analyzing

Sometimes when a scene or moving images pass through your inner mind, it’s easy to get caught up in analyzing what this and that means. Often, it will be happening so fast that you’re not going to catch all of the details. You don’t have to rack your brain for the answers so stop. Just let the images and moving pictures flow through your mind and tell the client exactly what’s happening as you’re seeing it. If you overanalyze, you’re going to doubt what you’re seeing and get out of the connection with it.

At first, it’s best to just tell them exactly what you’re seeing so that you are helping them to “see” the scene that you see in your inner mind. Once you’ve painted the picture for them, then you both can work together to figure out what the message is. Even then, you don’t have to rack your brain to figure out the message. Call in a guide or psychic spirit guide to help you with delivering the message to your client.

3. Be confident even when you aren’t feeling it

I’ve done it a number of times even in readings and healings. I had the experience and even the good testimonials to back up my results, but I just wasn’t confident myself! In fact, it took a loooooong time for me to even be confident in doing readings and healings. It took years for me to be confident because I knew that life is not a game and people’s lives were sometimes on the line when they come asking for guidance. They come trusting me, but ultimately, I learned that they will make their own decisions, whether they follow my advice or not. They will make the decision they feel is right for them.

As I embraced this realization that they ultimately have the authority over their life and I could provide guidance, but they may or may not take it, I learned to let go of my responsibility for the person. I wasn’t responsible for them, just that my reading was as clear and accurate as I could possibly make it when pulling information from the universe. So there were many times in the beginning of doing psychic readings that I was wanting not feeling confident, doubting myself, and I had to pull it together to deliver the reading.

4. Remember that you are your own worst critic, nobody else

If you asked your friends, family, and even peers what they think of you, chances are that they will all say nice things about you. All those times that you thought so and so hates you is probably false. It’s all in your mind. You probably over analyze this situation and what happened on this day and what you said to so and so, thinking you should’ve said this instead and they would have liked you more… but really, they already forgot about it! We are always harsher on ourselves than others are on us. So let it go.

If your brain tries to bring up critical thoughts while you’re doing a psychic reading, just ask it what it’s trying to say to you. “Brain, what are you trying to say by bringing that up?” You may find that it just wants to be heard and it may have a good tip to give you to use during your reading. Once it gives you that information, it will stop. If it keeps it up, just say, “hey brain, I’m right in the middle of this right now, but I’d love to hear what you have to say so let’s work through this in another reading after this one.”

Criticism can come from doubt, but sometimes it is also a push to do something differently. Instead of getting down about the criticism, see if there’s any truth to what your mind, or someone else is saying, and how it can be helpful to implement their ideas in your readings.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others

One of the biggest reasons that people feel down on themselves is because they compare themselves to other people. It’s easy, right? We see other people doing things and we see their reviews. We wonder why doesn’t anyone say that about us? Well, one of the reasons is that we each have our own strengths and weaknesses, challenges, and things we can do really easily! What we have, another may not have and secretly wish they had that ability.

I have seen others do readings that are more eloquently said than mine, that pull names out of thin air, that see exactly what a person is feeling, and a number of other things. But, I’ve also had people tell me that I get right to the heart of the matter and don’t beat around the bush, see people exactly as they look, and even a person said they had chills because I could see the room they were in and even that they are on the 2nd floor then give them a tip on what to do to calm the anxiety they’ve been experiencing.

Other psychics can’t see people, but only see gray blobs. Some psychics can’t tap into the feelings of others, but just see what they see and are terrible interpreters into people’s intentions. Yet, these psychics are some of the highest paid and get plenty of return clients.

So don’t worry about what others do that is different from what you do. Just do what you do best and you will be known for it by the clients who need you.

6. Form your psychic and spirit team

Connect with your spirit guides to form your psychic and spirit team so that you have the guidance you need when you need it. It’s easy, just connect with them and talk with them while you’re doing a reading, asking questions as they’re asked to you. To do this, you’ll want to be in tune with all of your Clairabilities so they they can use these to communicate fully with you.

  • Discover your Clairvoyance to see what’s going to happen from day to day
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  • use your Clairsentience psychic abilities to read energy and manage the emotions of others (and to keep them from bombarding you with their emotions)
  • Meet your spirit guides or psychic team today who will help you with guidance, readings, and life choices