How to Activate the 3rd Eye Chakra?

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What is the 3rd Eye Chakra?

There are 7 Chakras and the 3rd Eye Chakra is the 6th one that is actually located in the middle of your forehead. It’s called Ajna in Sanskrit and means to perceive and command.

It’s the Chakra associated with your intuition and psychic seeing. In Taoism and Chan (pronounced Zen in Japanese), known as Chinese religious sects, 3rd eye training teaches students to tune into the vibration of the universe in order to advance deeper into meditation.

Even in Christian teachings, the concept of the 3rd eye is explained as being non-dualistic thinking, which is thought to be the level of awareness that is the same as the mind of Christ when he would meditate and know things before they happened.

Where is the 3rd Eye Chakra?

It’s located in the middle of your forehead. If you place your fingers there and feel the pressure, you may begin to notice that you tune into the information the universe can provide to you very easily. In some trainings, it is also located in between your eyes and, when activated, the energy moves up towards the middle of your forehead, forming a triangle with your two eyes.

What color represents the 3rd Eye Chakra?

The color that it is mostly represented with is a purple or a blue-purple color.

When is the 3rd Eye Chakra open?

When the 3rd Eye Chakra is open, you’ll experience instant awareness and recognition of information coming from the universe into your mind. You may experience visions in moving images and flashes of still images in your mind. You may begin to notice that your senses are heightened to where you can tap into other people’s energies even without them being physically present. You may also notice that much of your intuition and information lands in your mind through this area.

You’ll likely feel the energy and movement of this energy in your 3rd Eye Chakra and may feel tingling in this area that could run throughout your body. You may also notice that you see auras and different colors by tuning into this area.

You may get flashes of inspiration that come through this area that spark creative projects. You will likely see through your clairvoyance in this area and also hear from your spirit guides or other guides in the universe through the psychic gift known as clairaudience.

This area also puts you in touch with your claircognizance as the non-dualist thinking that allows you to separate yourself from attachment to anything that may or may not happen, but allows you to see and recognize truth in the information that comes through. It is your area of inner perception that, when you tune into it, will provide you with the answers you seek.

When is the 3rd Eye Chakra blocked?

When I see the 3rd Eye Chakra, while tuning into another person, it literally looks like an eye to me. Just as a doctor would, I look at the characteristics and symptoms of the eye to see what is going on in this area.

For instance, one person’s eye was moving around without looking directly into my own eyes. I could tell this person was not focused and was not able to be fully grounded in the moment based on other things that were going on in their life at the time. The way that the eye appears is most always literally what the person is going through in the present moment.

When the 3rd Eye Chakra is blocked, there are different symptoms that will show up in the way that the eye appears, or perhaps the color of this chakra. These issues also show up in your emotions, mental thoughts, and behavior.

  • You may feel as though you can’t focus
  • Your mind is often racing with thoughts that come in from any direction at any time
  • You may feel stuck in your situation and not have any inspiration
  • You may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • You may be carried away with your emotions and thoughts during the day
  • You may be too caught up in fantasy and living entirely from your emotions than dealing with the issues at hand or day-to-day situations
  • You may not be able to focus on goals or a vision for yourself, but may be living and working in someone else’s vision
  • You may feel scared to look or see the future for fear of the unknown
  • You may feel anxiety around concentrating on any one thing at a time

How to activate the 3rd Eye Chakra?

Activating the 3rd Eye Chakra is easy to do and really only takes your focus, concentration, and intention to activate it for yourself. As easy as this may be, simply thinking this is enough, but, being human, we enjoy entertainment. However, not all forms of entertainment work for everyone. Lucky we are in the age we live in because there are different ways of activating the 3rd Eye Chakra today.

You can:

  • Place your fingers or a gemstone or crystal on your 3rd eye Chakra (in the middle of your forehead)
  • Listen to a guided meditation to activate your 3rd Eye Chakra
  • Listen to certain sounds that are meant only for your 3rd Eye Chakra
  • Dance to open your 3rd Eye Chakra
  • Meditate with your focus, concentration, and intention on activating your 3rd Eye Chakra

You could even go to a nearby lake, fountain, or other body of water and you may notice that the sound and energy from the water opens your 3rd Eye Chakra. There’s no set way to open your 3rd Eye Chakra and you can truly open it with just your focus, practice, and intention. When you do channeling in your journal or notebook, you may notice that you are tuning into the 3rd Eye Chakra.

For me, my 3rd Eye Chakra opened when I received my first Reiki attunement. It was a very interesting experience. I could feel the light inside of me awakening and pouring out of me from my inner being through my body. I was at work at the time when the Reiki master attuned me and I didn’t know when she was going to do it! She lived in London and I in the USA so we were on different time zones.

I was working at a lab and performing research tests on a project when I felt the energy. I couldn’t push it down or stop it. There was no way. I had to remain calm in front of my co-workers, but during that time, the inner experience was intense!

For you, opening your 3rd Eye Chakra can be simple and you don’t have to have a Reiki attunement to do it unless you want to have yours opened in that way. Just find the right way that resonates with you to open it. If you don’t want to do a guided meditation or dance, simply close your eyes and meditate on your 3rd Eye Chakra and ask it to open for you.

How to balance the 3rd Eye Chakra?

If you feel that the 3rd Eye Chakra is off balance, there’s a few things you can do to bring it back in balance that are simple and fun to do.

Color Therapy for the 3rd Eye Chakra

Find a purple or blueish purple card and focus on the color of it. Let the purple or bluish-purple energy come into your mind and space. Look into the purple and allow for yourself to feel its energy. Ask for the color to open your insight and intuition to perceive what truth and information you most need from the universe right now.

When you feel complete with focusing on the color, make a triangle with your fingers and hold them up to your 3rd Eye Chakra. Allow the pressure to push on your 3rd Eye Chakra while tuning into the insights that come through this area.

Crystal Therapy for the 3rd Eye Chakra

Crystals you can use to help balance and heal your 3rd Eye Chakra include:

  • Amethyst – activates, purifies, heals, protects, boosts intuition and psychic development
  • Clear Crystal Quartz – cleanses, removes built up thoughts and emotions, purifies, energizes, balances, helps you see clearly when tuning into the 3rd eye
  • Lapis Lazuli – Its bright blue color instantly awakens your 3rd Eye seeing ability and also helps in speaking the truth so that you avoid seeing fantasy when tuning into the universe’s wisdom using this chakra. Lapis Lazuli assists in helping you connect with the vibration of the universe.
  • Moldavite – not for the faint of heart, Moldavite is a powerful crystal that can clear out negative people and situations from your life, it boosts your intuition more than any other stone I’ve used, it will bring new perspectives and shift your awareness to clear out anything that is not working for you. It also will have some interesting things that may happen as a result of having this stone. I suggest to keep it with a crystal for balance and the most peaceful resolution of situations.

Essential Oil for Your 3rd Eye Chakra

  • Clary Sage
  • Cypress
  • Vetiver
  • Palo Santo
  • Helichrysum
  • Frankincense

How to heal the 3rd Eye Chakra?

If you find imbalances and stuck energy in your 3rd Eye Chakra, healing these things requires moving the trapped energy out of your body and it also means gaining trust again with this chakra.

Your eyes reflect the soul and can speak volumes just as your 3rd Eye does when you can see it. To first calm your 3rd Eye Chakra down and get out of the energy of fear and anxiety, make yourself comfortable and relax.

I like to talk to my 3rd Eye Chakra a little bit with self talk to sooth it and tell it everything is okay. Sometimes by telling ourselves things are going to be okay and we just need to take a look at some things to determine our next best course of action, you’ll find that your 3rd Eye Chakra is more than willing to settle down long enough to help.

Another thing that is healing for your 3rd Eye Chakra is to use it. Whether you practice on yourself or you do readings for other people, by exercising your seeing gifts, you will help to rebalance it and heal it. The main issue with the 3rd Eye chakra is that it can’t trust itself or fears looking at the future because it thinks that bad things are going to happen as they may have had in the past.

In order to allow your 3rd eye to see a different perspective and heal, you have to be willing and open to new experiences. Using your gift is one of the best ways to allow it the ability to trust itself again. The feedback from your experiences or other people’s experiences when they come to you for a reading can help you gain confidence in yourself and in your 3rd eye again, healing the issues that had been there.

There’s other ways to heal the 3rd Eye Chakra you may want to try:

  • Find the root cause. Typically, we ask the 3rd Eye Chakra to reveal what we need to know that is blocking it in this moment.
  • Keeping a journal where you can free-write and channel information from your 3rd Eye Chakra is helpful to allow yourself the time and space to just be with this chakra area without restriction.
  • Ask questions to resolve the issue. Be curious and genuinely ask questions that will help resolve the negative event in your mind.
  • Move the energy out of your body. Use emotional freedom technique tapping or guide the energy out of your body with your hands. You can also imagine your chakra spinning and see the purple or bluish-purple color get brighter as you do this.
  • Use crystals to release the stuck emotions from your body. Helpful ones for releasing stuck energy is clear crystal quartz and moldavite
  • Use color therapy to imagine the color and light drawing the stuck emotions and energy out of your body. Imaging the light outside your body and any negative or trapped emotions being drawn to it, then dissolving in the light.
  • Use art therapy to draw what’s going on in your 3rd Eye Chakra and to release the energy that’s stuck there.
  • Use music or a guided meditation to release the stuck energy from your 3rd Eye Chakra.