8 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Jan 22, 2020Tarot, Weekly Tarot Card1 comment

Eight Wands Tarot Moon Selenite CrystalCard for the Week: 8 of Wands

If you thought things were slow in your life, they’re about to pick up the pace this week. Get ready! Look at your opportunities and take action. Say YES to what looks like a good opportunity. Try not to second guess yourself if you get excited about it, but go ahead with plans.

It’s funny this card came up for this week because there are two opportunities I’m working on launching at A Sacred Vibe… more details coming soon!

This card also represents important matters coming to conclusion. If you’ve felt stuck in a specific area in your life, this week, you could see some miracle shifts to open the way for you to move forward.

It’s also a card about taking action so don’t just sit on your laurels. You will need to put forth action (wands) to move forward.

What do you have going on this week that you want to see move forward?

Pictured is the Rider Waite Deck 2.0 and Selenite Moon from @_rockparadise_