5 Steps to Revitalize Your Income Streams with Crystals

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There’s been times in my life where I’ve needed to go in a different direction career-wise, or I’ve needed to create a product and had absolutely NO IDEA what I was going to create. In some of those instances, more in later years than earlier, I realized that tapping into the universe and asking for help is when an idea would come out of the blue. But, at first, I felt kinda awkward doing it because “the universe” is thin air. How was I supposed to know it was listening to me? That’s when I discovered that using a crystal was the bridge between me and the universe. Here’s 4 steps to using your crystals to revitalize your income stream.

1. Say a simple prayer channeled through a crystal

Sometimes all it takes is just a simple “hello universe! I am contacting you because I need an idea to earn more income and please make it something that is passive income. Thank you!”

It can be as simple as that.

First, you want to think about what you want. Write that down. In this case, I wrote that I wanted an idea to earn more income.

Then, you want to make it specific like a goal. Write that down too. In the prayer above, I wrote that I wanted it to come through passive income. That could be a ton of different things! So, you may want to be even more specific. But, realize that if you do get more specific, it may take longer for it to happen.

Now, once you’ve written down what you want, take your crystal and hold it up to your 3rd eye. It’s the spot in the middle of your forehead. Then say your prayer to yourself silently or aloud. It’s up to you, although the people in Starbucks may look at you a little weird if you say it aloud in front of them.

2. Put your crystal on top of your prayer

Once you’ve written down your prayer and channeled your intention into your crystal, you’ve charged it up! Now, lay your crystal on top of your intention.

Once you do this, place your hand over your crystal and feel the energy surge between your hand and the crystal. Restate your prayer with your hand hovering over the crystal.

3. Repeat daily or weekly

The energy will start working and the universe will start bringing you what you requested. You may notice it quickly within a day to a few days, or a week. If, after a week, you feel like you haven’t gotten your request, recharge your crystal.

Just hover your hand over the crystal until you feel that surge of energy again. Then, restate your prayer. This will reactivate the energy in your crystal that is aimed at your request. You can also set the intention for the crystal to run itself as long as it needs to for your request to come to fruition. Say to the crystal that the energy needs to run for as long as it is needed until you get your request.

4. Remove Blockages

If I still don’t see anything happening after about 2 weeks, I’ll often sit with my crystal and wave it around my body to see if any blockages come up.

A Master Healer white quartz crystal has given me the most success in removing blockages. It has even found ticks on my dog before! It can detect energy inside you that is causing issues in getting what you want to happen.

You can use any clear quartz for this exercise, small and large.

Take your crystal and move it around your head. As soon as you feel energy, stop at that place where the crystal is pointing.

Ask yourself, “What is there for me to know here?”

Look, listen and feel for the answer. There may be an image that pops up, a feeling, or maybe a word spoken in your mind. Just notice what comes up. It may or may not even make any sense to you. Don’t search for the absolute answer. Just notice.

Once whatever answer you got comes up, then you’re going to release the energy.

I actually learned this from an otherworld being. In the house where I used to live with a ghost that affected my family and I, I would regularly perform healings on myself and the girls because there was all of this energy. After I learned a technique that an otherworld being taught another healer, I started to practice it.

But, I would often get stuck in removing the energy. I started to have doubts about removing the energy. It would take hours for me to even get the energy to where it would be ready to be released. Before this time, it was easier so I believe the energy in the house was causing it to be difficult.

During one session, I felt another presence come into the room and join me and another presence in a circle. All of a sudden I heard a voice say, “RELEASE,” and jerk my arm down to move the energy out. It worked!

I’ve been using the technique ever since and it is still working, even when the energy feels too dense to move.

So, now what you’re going to do is, when you feel energy and your crystal stops at that place as you’re moving it around your body, say “RELEASE!”

You will usually feel it shift to either another spot in your body or flow our from your body.

Keep working with this energy until you feel lighter and complete with the process.

5. Visualize, visualize, visualize

Sometimes when I feel like things aren’t moving, I’ll take my crystal and visualize the outcome.

To do this, place it on your 3rd eye (the spot in the middle of your forehead) and close your eyes. Then visualize your prayer.

You can do this one of two ways: 1) let your imagination take you through the story of how you reach your outcome, or, 2) create the scene yourself in your imagination as you go

There’s no right or wrong way to do that. Nikola Tesla, the inventor of our modern alternating energy supply system (AC current), used to visualize his inventions from start to finish and then from finish to start over and over again until he perfected them.

Do these 5 steps and watch as ideas and opportunities start to come in!

Have any tips for us on how you manifest more income? Leave them below in the comments!