10 Shortcuts to Healing Negative Thoughts and Events

Jul 28, 2019Healing1 comment

Do you remember when people used to say that healing took time? I always thought that was so lame. I knew it didn’t if you take action on your healing, but I was only a kid at the time. I didn’t want to argue with adults because it seemed their minds were made up. However, when I started studying healing, I realized that sometimes it does take time unless you’re motivated and aware of what you need to heal. Most of the time, for my clients, it’s memories of negative experiences they may not even be aware of that is causing a blockage in their lives.

Sometimes it is a memory they are aware of and it keeps coming up for them in their conscious mind. And sometimes it is these negative experiences that have caused a negative pattern of thinking that just needs a little sorting out. We can heal these issues in our conscious minds, in our chakras, and in a few shortcuts that I’ve used to reduce the time it takes to release these negative events. Quite a few of them are proven by clinical trials and some are not yet known by others in the mainstream, or if they are, I haven’t seen them mentioned yet. But, I wish to share them with you today in my top 10 shortcuts to heal negative experiences today.

1. Change your thinking

One of the best ways I discovered to change my thinking is by using a hypnosis technique where I start to let go of negative patterns and thoughts and allow in positive thoughts of what I want, new beliefs about myself.

2. Use crystals

Crystals will help you zero in on the negative thoughts very quickly. They seem to be made of light, they work so fast. I like to use my Master Healer crystal quartz point to find negative thoughts and memories in my clients. The crystal will find any heavy thoughts and help you be more aware of them so that you can work through them consciously.

3. Use intention

Just your intention alone will help you heal through old, negative patterns. If you keep a daily journal of your thoughts, moods, and writing of what you want to happen, what you most wish for, you’ll see, over time, these things start to heal themselves in your daily life. You’ll also see that intention helps you manifest what you want.

4. Healing with rapid eye movement

Rapid Eye Movement is a powerful way to heal. It’s call EMDR, but there’s an easy way to do it and release a negative thought that comes in your mind when you’re aware of your thoughts. If the thought is bothering you, this takes little to no effort to resolve it. It’s a technique that works to move the thought from your right brain (where things get stuck) over to your left brain (where things are resolved). Here’s how: think about the thought, move your eyes to the right, move them left, right again, and left, then to the right upper corner, left lower corner, right upper corner again, left lower corner again and that should be it.

5. Exercise!

Moving that body moves that energy on out! Try it. You don’t have to do anything too strenuous. You can walk for 10-15 minutes, lift some weights, do some yoga, or something else you enjoy doing.

6. Talk to someone

Talking about things can help you get the feelings out of you. If you have someone who will listen and really hear you, reflect back to you what you’re going through without judgment, then you’ll feel a lot better. Having someone there for you over time is a really powerful healing factor that helps you be grounded, grow over time, and feel more confident.

7. Art therapy

Oh so deep and moving, art is a release and an accomplishment all rolled into one! I love art therapy because you can scribble, draw, or paint and feel peaceful after. If you do it with intention on getting out that negative experience that’s bothering you, then try journaling about it afterwards and ask yourself what you most need to know, what the art is telling you. You’ll be surprised by what comes up!

8. Music

Personally, I prefer to play music because the creativeness in it is what releases all of the negative experiences out in the instrument. It then brings joy and satisfaction to me. If you enjoy singing or listening to music, that may be just what you need to release a day’s worth of stress, a negative experience, or to just relax. Allow yourself some time to be lost in the moment.

9. Writing

Keeping a journal or doing some creative fiction or non-fiction writing is helpful to also heal from past experiences, let go of stress, and even to find direction if you feel lost. You can write about your frustrations and victories, or make up a completely new story. If you need inspiration, there’s a lot of writing prompts available on Pinterest and on Google. Just search for “writing prompts” and you’re bound to find a few of them.

10. Being social

It’s easy to be social if you find a group of people who are into things you like and enjoy. Having a community that is non-judgmental, supportive, and open is helpful for healing any past, negative experiences. You can find one online, but it doesn’t replace face-to-face interaction and contact. The impact of being around people is incredibly healing if you have the right group of people. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the right group of people so I recommend trying a Meetup or a local group like a yoga studio or writing group. Look for groups that have the same interests as you and challenge yourself to try to go a few times.
These are my top 10 shortcuts to healing negative thoughts and experiences faster than waiting for years for them to heal themselves.

Have any to add? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. See below to add a comment!