Money Reiki Healing

Money Reiki Healing


Send Reiki healing to help clear blockages around money issues


Receive the Money Reality Reiki.

The Money Reiki Reality helps you:

  • Receive a protective shift to create a bubble of prosperity around you
  • Clear personal issues with money
  • Heal your loved ones’ perspectives around money (as you grow, they grow)
  • Shift the money energy on the planet
  • Help you shift into the best possible situation for you at this time around money
  • Increase your awareness of opportunities to earn money

If you are working very hard and still not attaining financial freedom, the slow economy is not always the one to blame. It is not always your working habits or spending habits either. Sometimes, money blocks can be the cause. Money blocks are your hidden and subconscious thoughts about deserving to fail and deserving poverty that prevent you from doing your best and earning more. If you want to turn your financial situation around, it is time to heal money blocks away.

Sometimes, you may not know it but your subconscious thoughts are the very reason why you are not tapping into your best earning potential. Your self-esteem and thoughts can be the ones preventing you from recognizing money-making opportunities and stopping you from grabbing these opportunities. Hence, you are stuck in financial distress all the time, living from one paycheck after another.

Heal energetic blockages to more money by approaching an expert that can help you align your chakras so that you have more motivation, higher ability, and greater opportunities to earn money. Sometimes, it is not what you do that is the problem. Rather, your hidden thoughts may need clearing and enlightening. Approaching an energy expert may be your best bet to financial freedom.

I look forward to helping you!

This is a distant remote healing session


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