Medium Reading

Medium Reading


Connect with your loved ones who have crossed over. Receive support with messages from the other side from loved ones. I tune into your loved one and will tell you what they are telling me. I tell you what I see as part of the evidential information that I’m picking up on the right person. Feel free to ask any questions you would like while tuning into your loved one.
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Gabby gets a ton of information from your question that enlightens and empowers. Know the truth with quick insight. See your next step and what you can do to create your desired outcome.

Gabby starts the reading by asking your name and what you would like to focus on. She loves when you ask questions, because she wants to help with your specific questions and needs. Gabby gives honest straightforward readings with a compassionate style. She has read professionally for over 10 years. If you have a troubled relationship, Gabby can tell you how the other person feels about you and what you can do to have a healthier relationship. Also, she enjoys focusing on your career, business, and financial questions. Gabby's goal is to help you achieve a love that is long-lasting and a meaningful career that aligns with your highest path in life through her gifts.

Let's see what the future holds. During a psychic session, I work with a variety of tools that include cartomancy, Tarot, my psychic abilities (Seeing, Sensing, Feeling, Hearing) and Astrology to intuitively know the answers to your questions. I may use one or all of these tools during your session and will intuitively choose which one spirit presents to use.

Gabby knew she was psychic since childhood. Her natural gift was confirmed by family, friends, and strangers who would seek her advice. She began giving readings professionally since 2008. Gabby's insight and compassion comes from a place of empathy, personal understanding, and experience. She’s faced hard life challenges and had to make tough decisions to live on her highest path. Through experience, Gabby knows, “Most people are looking for answers that confirm what they already know and shift their mindset to believe in themselves. That’s my job, to be a friend and help them get to where their soul is calling.”

Gabby is a skilled Tarot reader. Her unique approach to the Tarot spread is amazingly effective in psychic predictions and confirmations. She often sees the people you're asking about and understands the situation from their body language without being told anything. By the end of your reading, you will feel supported and renewed with hope in your future. Gabby genuinely cares about your needs and your future. Her support can change your situation and will lead you to places that you felt you had lost hope in reaching.

Gabby's eclectic background includes Shamanism and healing work that she uses to guide you to healing what keeps you stuck and blocked from living your life purpose and from choosing your highest path available for you. She's consistently read accurately for many people in love and relationships, business, money/finances, and family communication. She also speaks to loved ones who have crossed over and can help guide you in your life.

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15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 1 Hour, Email Reading, Video Reading


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A Medium Reading is very personal. During our session together, I provide you with evidential information of the loved one or spirit who is coming forth to talk with you. Very often, clients receive more loved ones than the one they ask for coming through from the other side. I tell you what they look like and when they present evidence of who they are that only you would know about.

I connect with your loved one and the session flows from there to answer your questions, tell them what you want them to know, get their feedback or help on a situation, and channel messages from them. Most often, clients are relieved to hear their loved one is safe on the other side. If you’d like confirmation or answers about your loved one, I invite you to schedule your Medium reading with me.

While I can perform Medium readings through email and video, if this is your first session with me, it would be most beneficial to connect with you for a live reading – 15, 30 or 60 minutes – to get your feedback on the evidential information presented during your reading. This confirms who it is that is coming through from the other side for me during your reading.