Pick a Card Reading – What Hope Do I Need in My Life Right Now?

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3 card pick tarot reading crystals

Today’s pick-a-card reading is meant to help you through this time of uncertainty. Take a look at the three cards and crystals and select one below. Today I’m going to do a reading that is focused on inspiring you to have hope for right now and to help you in your life. So I want you to focus on the three cards here and choose a card or a crystal that really speaks to you. We have Dalmatian Jasper, we have amethyst and heart shape and Selenite in a heart shape. And so once you pick your crystal and your card, then come back for the meaning. So let’s get started.

Card 1 – 5 of Cups

5 cups tarot card dalmatian jasper

So your first card is the Five of Cups and it is telling us right now that it looks like you’re feeling really sad about things that are going on right now in the world. And of course, there’s a lot to feel sad about with what’s going on, but it seems like you’re focused a little bit on the past and what you’ve lost instead of looking towards the two cups here that are showing in the future that still have a lot of hope and joy and the ability for you to put things in them that you want to bring into the future.

So the past three cups of spilled, it’s like past relationships or past events or past careers that you could have gone into and those have spilled out. There are no longer here, but you’re still having trouble grieving through that process and really accepting that truth. So now is the time to really focus on accepting that truth in grieving through the sadness that you’re feeling. In order to accept, to turn around and accept these two new cups that you can fill with whatever you want. So it’s really brought your mindset here and the fact that you’ve got to let go of things from the past in order to move forward in your future. You have total control here where you can turn around and look at these two cups in that they can hold things now in the future. You’ve got to let go.

The Dalmatian Jasper is actually showing you the way and Dalmatian Jasper means that it usually brings in play into your life. So Dalmatian Jasper is asking you to really start to play in your life and start to find a way to play so that you are bringing in more good energy and changing your emotions and your feelings so that you can start to look towards the new cups. One other way you could do that is to do some journaling and to really write about your feelings to understand what’s going on, what’s the deeper issue here that is coming up that you’re feeling really sad. So if you’d like to journal, take out your journal and just write down, you know, what is this sadness? Or what is this feeling that’s coming up for me? And what is this feeling telling me about my life right now?

And you’ll be surprised by what you come up with very quickly and then ask, you know, how can I bring in the spirit of play into my life right now? So then that can move on from past disappointments and move on into the future. So try to journal about that and see what comes up for you because your inner guidance is really helping you to focus on the future, not on the past.

Card 2 – The Devil

devil tarot card reading amethyst

So the second card that can have is The Devil with the amethyst. So it looks like right now there are some addictions and obsessions that are coming up for you right now that it looks like, um, these things are kind of tying you in place. So anything that’s really keeping you stuck or feeling like you’re stuck, whether it’s a relationship, it could be a work issue, it could be that you work all the time, you’re workaholic, it could be that, um, your, you know, you have, um, something else that’s going on that’s really, you know, just you’re obsessing about, maybe it’s a worry, maybe it’s a lot of worries and you’re obsessing about that.

There’s something that’s going on in your life that is really keeping you stuck and tied down right now to old habits. So now’s the time that you need to let go of those to change those old habits. So with the amethyst, this is actually a stone that helps you through addictions and obsessions. And it also helps to open up your third eye, which is located right in the middle of your forehead. Um, with the amethyst, you can, you can start to open up your third eye to kind of see the truth of what’s going on, why you’re feeling stuck, what it is that you need to change. Like for instance, even if you’re, you know, let’s say you’re sheltered in place and you’re, you bought a lot of junk food, right? Well, all that junk food that goes in, you know, chips and stuff, it’s not enough to really fill your body with the nutrients and positive energy that it needs.

So in comparison to let’s say a kale smoothie or some kind of green smoothie that really fills you up and it makes you even feel better. It even brightens your skin. It gives you the nutrients that it needs, that in comparison to the junk food, which one’s going to keep you stuck more? Probably the chips, right? Because it’s not really fulfilling your needs. So it’s just one example of a way that some things in our life can keep us stuck, even though it can be food, it can be a relationship, it can be work, it can be anything that is just really toxic. So start to identify those things in your life. And how you can do that is really, you can use the amethyst stone if you have one nearby and place it on your third eye and just ask for the information. Ask to be given the insight so that you can see what you need to change in your life right now and to break free from because this is a card that is about being stuck in wanting to break free.

There’s some goal or some desire that you have inside of you that you really want to manifest. So even if you work your way backward, if you say, you know, I want to eat healthily, then that’s your goal. That’s your desire that you want to manifest. So what is it that’s causing you not to eat healthily? Well, if you stockpiled on chips and soda, then that’s probably the answer. So you’ll want to change that into not the tips and soda but the smoothies that will make you feel better. So start to kind of think like that and journal about things that you feel are keeping you stuck so that you can get more insight. It’s going to take a little bit of time to really get down into the insight that you need, but it can also be as quick as a few minutes if you are also using an amethyst stone and just kind of focus on meditating on what it is that you feel is keeping you stuck at this time.

Card 3 – The Page of Cups

page cups tarot card reading selenite

The third card, we have the page of cups and we have selenite. So in this card, um, for the people who chose this card, it looks like there’s something that is really intriguing your interest right now, possibly a hobby or some other career path or maybe even a new relationship that is really sticking out to you as a change that you want to make. And it looks like it could even be from the past and the way that he’s positioned. Looking back to the past, kind of like revisiting old friends or revisiting old memories of things that you enjoyed when you were a kid or maybe even old habits or, or possibilities that you had thought you had wanted to do in your career. So whichever it is, try to identify what it is that’s coming through for you that you want to really focus on right now.

This is a goal that you have that will better your life and it’ll take you from the page of cups up to grow into being the King. So that’s your focus for right now is what is it that’s coming to you that really you to grow into? It might not even be a relationship or career-related. It could actually be that there’s a value that you have or maybe there’s a sense of wanting to be more compassionate to other people and maybe you want to try to foster that in yourself. So whatever it is, the object here is to focus on it and to practice it more because as you do, you’re going to grow from being the page into being the King and then you’re going to master it. So whatever it is you’re trying to master it. The Selenite also shows that there’s a need to clear your energy right now.

Selenite is really good for clearing energy. I actually keep a stick of selenite on my computer keyboard that kind of limits, you know, the ability for other people’s energy to get into my space through email. Um, we’re open to energy all the time, but this actually helps me to put up sort of a barrier around my energy so that I’m able to keep other people out of my space. The selenite is good for clearing your energy and for keeping things really pure. And you’ll notice that on the page of cups, this card is very pure in terms of this person using his imagination and really creating something from nothing. He wants to fill more of this cup with more fish or more things. So he’s focusing on the one thing in order to bring about more. So I hope that this reading has been helpful for you, um, in your journey and if you have any questions, you can certainly send them to me or any feedback for any new videos you would like. You can send them to me. And I also have a free manifest what you want journaling class that’s on my website at you can go and register for.