How to Use Your Clairsentience Without Being Bombarded By Other People’s Emotions

May 4, 2019Psychic, Use Your Abilities1 comment

Have you ever felt how someone was feeling without them even saying anything to you? If so, then you have a natural gift of Clairsentience. I’ll bet that you feel people’s emotions all of the time, maybe even think they’re your own!

If you believe that you have the natural ability of Clairsentience, it can be easy for you to be bombarded by other people’s emotions.

I experienced this when I attended a convention at the age of 12. There was so much excitement going on because Ian Ziering of, the then popular, 90210 was there, along with other celebrities and Chippendales. The Chippendales would hold each one of us up and take pictures with us. Needless to say, there were a lot of women and teenagers at this convention.

It was overwhelming. Out of nowhere, I just began to cry! The emotions had overwhelmed me to the point of tears that I had to regroup myself before continuing on with the day.

Even though taking in other people’s feelings and emotions can be exhausting, it is helpful for using your psychic abilities if you learn how to read the energy and manage the emotions.

Is This My Emotion?

The first thing you need to realize when you are using your psychic abilities and doing readings is that you must make yourself a clear channel for the information to come through. That means that you really need to clear your mind of any thoughts, feelings, or anything that happened to you during the day.

During your psychic readings, you’re going to have the emotions of the people you’re reading coming in, the emotions and energy of the person they’re asking about, and sometimes your own emotions from your past experiences will also fly in during a reading.

It is essential to clear your mind before beginning to use your abilities so that you can distinguish what emotions are yours, your clients’, and other people’s.

If you are picking up on an emotion that you aren’t sure if it is yours or not, then ask this question:

• Is this emotion coming from me?
• If no, then ask: Who does this emotion belong to?
• What is this emotion trying to say to me?

Emotions of others may come into you at any time, even when you aren’t performing a reading. As empaths, we will think the emotion we’re feeling is our own. That’s why it’s important to recognize when an emotion is present that may not be ours.

When using your psychic gift of Clairsentience, emotions will land in your awareness automatically. But, when reading another person, you may need to tap into their mind and energy to read their emotions.

Often, clients will present with questions like:

• Does he love me?
• How does he feel about me?
• Will he be open to doing [whatever the client is suggesting]?
• How will he react if I [do whatever the client is suggesting]?

Each of these questions are asking about what the other person is feeling or will feel in the future. It’s easy to tune into these energies using your gift of Clairsentience.

1. First, state the name of the person out loud or in your mind.

2. Ask the question that the client wants to know about. For instance, if they asked, “Does he love me?” Then you would ask “Does [name] love [your client’s name]?”

3. You may then hear a yes/no answer or feel an incredible amount of energy moving upward in your body that will indicate a yes answer. You may also feel nothing or feel a thud-like energy. Both of these would indicate a no at this moment.

4. You can ask any other questions you need to from your client. In this case, you would act as a channel of information and feelings that come from the other person.

Use Your Clairsentience to Tune Into the Universe

Using your Clairsentience can instantly pick up your energy if you’re feeling like you’re in a low mood. One way to do this is to tap into the energy of the world around you.