How to Listen To Your Clairaudience Psychic Ability

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What Clairaudience Sounds Like

Clairaudience sounds like words that are being spoken in your inner mind. It’s like a song that is playing in your inner mind when it is not playing around you.

You might hear an inner voice speaking to you and telling you things.

Most often, these are words of guidance to help you with making decisions or to accept an invitation or not accept one.

Sometimes it can be words of caution like “wait a minute” if you’re at a traffic light or stop sign only to see a truck come barreling through the light that just turned red on their side, but green on yours.

Protection For Your Clairaudient Hearing Session

If you feel afraid to hear messages from the Universe, there’s ways to protect yourself through your Clairaudient Hearing Session. The best way to protect yourself is to say, “I allow only love, light, and peace to enter my home and surroundings. In me and through me, I allow only love, light and peace to enter. I allow the white light to surround my home, my being, and to protect and guide me through my session.”

Clairaudience Exercise

For tuning into your Clairaudience, I like to perform an exercise to get all the fears out before using this ability. I like to fine-tune my hearing for listening to the universe first, and there’s a few different ways you can do this.

• Take a shower – Letting the water wash away all fears and mental chatter is a great way to clear your head to be able to listen to what the universe is saying to you.
• Take off your shoes and socks and go outside to meditate for a few minutes. Put your bare feet on the grass or earth and allow your energy to get grounded. This will also help clear mental chatter so you can hear better.
• Close your eyes and focus your intention on hearing your inner voice. Focus on being aligned to have a still, quiet space for the time being while you perform a Clairaudience Hearing Session.

Hear With Your Clairaudience

Let’s have a Clairaudience Hearing Session. Take some time to clear your mind using one of the exercises above.

1. Have your notebook ready. Be sure to label today’s date and that you’re having a Clairaudience Hearing Session.

2. Ask a question that you want to hear from the Universe on for guidance. If you’re not sure what to ask, try asking:

• How is my day going to go?
• Is there anything I need to know that’s going to happen today?
• What can make my day the best day today?
• What do I need to do today for my self care?

3. Listen for any words, phrases, sentences and conversations that come through your inner mind and thoughts. Write down anything and everything that comes through. At first, you just want to capture the information that comes through.

4. Get really curious about what information is coming through. Ask more questions as you see fit to find out as much information as you can. Often, the Universe can speak in symbolism that can sometimes come across as confusing and unclear. As you get curious and ask more questions, then you can find out more specific information that will help you in interpreting the meaning.

5. Once you have all the information you need, it’s time to ask for the meaning and its application to your life. The best way to do this is to clear your mind and simply ask, “what does all of this information mean to me?”

6. You may have a few pieces of information that came through for you and the way they’re connected isn’t always clear at first. You can ask for 3 meanings that want to come through. There may be more information that wants to come through once you get in the zone of hearing the meaning. If not, just ask for 3 and write down any words, phrases, or sentences you feel represent the meaning.

7. If you’re also getting visions of images or videos in your inner mind, feelings, and other impressions in your body, take note of these in your journal.

8. After you have the meanings, ask for the main meaning that ties all of these things together. You can ask, “What is the main thing I need to know about all of these things you’re telling me today?”Be sure to record what your interpretation is and ask any more questions you want to know more about.

The Universe is always speaking to you. It has messages of mostly peace and support for you in your life.

If you’re hearing messages that are negative, especially thoughts in your head that are tied to past events, and you’re feeling like you are unworthy of support from the universe, or for good things to happen to you, then you need a healing to release these cords of energy.