How to Deal With Disappointing People in Your Life

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Life is known for dealing out disappointments like ants that flock to watermelon. Some disappointments can run deep. For instance, if you have parents that have always let you down in some way, or not provided the love and care you would like to have had, then you’re going to have to learn how to let go and find this within yourself. If you’ve experienced disappointments in recent situations, here’s how to deal with them and heal.

Why People Let Us Down

One of the things you might notice is that you may like to expect more from a person than they can give. Perhaps you expect a person in your family to welcome you, but instead, they are too busy to spend time with you or even call, text, or Facebook message you.

Is it reasonable to expect that they should keep up with you? Maybe, but not really, especially if they are not a part of your daily life and routine.

Perhaps you hoped to get to know your family member better, but instead, they ignore you or don’t even act as if you exist. Unfortunately, that happens, and most people will typically want something from you. If you understand this aspect of people then you will realize that if they aren’t communicating with you, they probably don’t need anything from you. This can actually bring you a certain level of peace in your life by understanding this basic principle of human behavior.

If they don’t need anything from you, then you don’t have the responsibility to tell them no or yes, based on whatever it is they need from you. Of course, if you win the lottery, expect them to be ringing your phone then. Put yourself in that situation, and then perhaps you would rather have them not contacting you. Right? Now you can see how not having them communicate with you can bring you peace.

The only reason people let us down is when we actually expect something from them they can’t give. More times than not, they don’t know how to give what it is you need, or they don’t know what you need, or they are trying to please you, but only give the minimal of what they think they should do. Our picture of what we expect may be very different from what they actually do.

Disappointing People, Disappointing Words

Sometimes people say things that really hurt. Those words seem to stick in our brains and cause us doubt of ourselves. Although people may say things they think are true about us, what’s really true is what we know about ourselves. We can’t let another person’s words and labels define us never, ever, ever.

Even though we may not understand how to do something at a certain moment, and another person says something hurtful about it, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn and get it right eventually.

We have to all learn and what is really the issue here is that person’s unwillingness to help us in that situation of learning. Well, then, that’s their issue and they will have a hard time growing plus karma will come back to bite them in the butt when they don’t give their energy in expansion and instead retract with harmful words.

All you need to focus on is your goals and how to best learn what you need to know to reach them. And, of course, to keep taking action.

There’s plenty of teachers out there that will be available to teach you what you most need to know. Eventually, you will learn what you need to so just do your best for now.

Moving On With Life

Sometimes when we discover that other people have disappointed us, we try to figure out what’s wrong with them. This can cause a serious mental trap that keeps you going in circles. You may never understand what’s wrong with them because it involves all of their past history, geneology, upbringing, and so many other factors.

The only thing you can do is to ask:

What do I most need to learn at this time?

By asking yourself this question about the situation you’re experiencing, you will find the answer rather quickly and be able to let go of this whole thing! That means you will be able to move on in your life and not have this issue weighing down your energy.

Believe me, I’ve spent years wondering what was wrong with someone that it kept me blocked from realizing my potential and what was right in front of my face with what my next step was in my goals.

By letting go of the situation, you move out of the energy of being blocked and stuck. Likely, the person who disappointed you is blocked and stuck. Maybe you even notice a pattern that stems from this situation that keeps happening in your life, possibly even stemming directly from this person who disappointed you.

By letting go, you can move on from the whole thing and move on with your life. You can also move on from that person and let them be in the situation they created for themselves. You don’t have to take it on for them. They have to make their own decisions. You also have freedom in this situation to where you don’t have to take on their issues.

Just thank them for freeing you from the situation. You can safely move on to something you would find more enjoyable in your life to do, see, be.

Creating the Energy You Want to Be

By moving on, you can embrace freedom and manifest the energy you want to be.