Get Better Psychic Senses By Following 5 Simple Steps

Jun 22, 2019Psychic, Use Your Abilities1 comment

Have you ever had information come at you out of the blue? You knew who was calling (without seeing caller ID) and maybe even knew what was happening with someone at the precise moment it was happening. In reality, information is channeled through our psychic senses at all times of the day. We are only consciously aware of some when we choose to focus our attention on it. Using these 5 tips, you’ll start to build your psychic senses to receive information more consciously.

1. Clear Your Mind

To improve your psychic senses, it’s important to get rid of all the thoughts gunking up your psychic receivers. If you’re thinking about taking out the trash, feeding Fido, or anything else you have to do today, you’ll need to clear out these thoughts. Tasks can easily distract you from being a clear channel. If it’s really important, and you think you’re going to forget to do it, then write it down on a to-do list that you can check later.

To clear your mind, you’ll want to get in a comfortable position and relax. If you have a favorite guided meditation, then why not put it on and listen to it to clear out the thoughts. If not, then you can use this technique that’s simple and works. Just imagine that clouds are floating through your mind. As you imagine these clouds, see thoughts being attracted to them. Watch as your thoughts float out of your mind as the clouds are doing. If you find yourself getting engaged with any of your thoughts still, then picture yourself outside of your body looking up at the clouds and ask yourself what you need to do to find peace for those lingering thoughts.

2, Tune Into Your Psychic Senses

The psychic senses that we are the most aware of are clairvoyance (seeing in your inner mind), clairaudience (hearing in your inner mind), claircognizance (knowing things to be true without knowing all the details), and clairsentience (feeling another’s emotions). You may already know which psychic sense that is your dominant psychic ability. Even if you’ve received information from one over the others, you can still practice each one to start tuning into the information it can give you.

Tune into your clairvoyance – If you can imagine a door, then you can use your clairvoyance ability. Sometimes the information can come in fast so if it is for you, then you can ask the universe to show you one image at a time in slow motion. Just like a conversation, sometimes you have to work with the other person to understand what they’re saying to you. Communication with the universe is key.

To tune into your clairvoyance, you can do the following exercise:

Try starting with an image in your mind. It can even be a person that you want to know something about. If it is a person you want to know about, imagine that person and call to them to get their attention. Have a conversation with them in your mind. Say all the things you would want to say to them in person. Look at their reaction, just as you would in real life. Don’t try to control the situation, but just allow yourself to imagine talking to them in your mind.

Then notice their body language. Do they seem turned toward you and attentive? Or do they turn away and act like they want to be somewhere else? Pay attention to these cues. Even though this is happening in your mind, it applies to how they feel about you outside, in reality. Let your mind play out the entire conversation and any other scenes that come up.

3. Keep a Psychic Experiences Journal

If you watch what you eat, I’m sure you’ve noticed the plethora of calorie-counting, food diary apps available in the app store. That is because each app gives us a chance to keep up with what we eat to be sure we stay under a certain amount of calories, reduce our sugar or carbohydrate intake, and, for some, maintain the right foods to manage their diabetes.

Practice makes perfect and I’ve known people who journal their food ritually day in and day out. The same goes for psychic experiences. The more you notice about your intuitive abilities and how they play out in your daily life, the more you’re going to grow your abilities.

Try keeping a journal for the next 30 days of each experience you have. You may even have visions and want to record your predictions, then see how these play out. You can even pull a tarot card each day and record what you noticed happened during the day that matched the meaning of the card.

4. Make it a daily part of your life

Psychic abilities used to be too woo-woo for people to mention. There was a time when that word was rampant in blog posts, on radio, and even on tv. But, now, we live in a time when we can freely talk to people about our psychic experiences and many people will also tell stories of their own experiences. It can be a very connecting experience to confirm what you were experiencing with someone else.

If you want to make it a daily part of your life, it is a mix of your inner world and social network. If you currently don’t have someone to share your experience with, you can share it with a group who you trust that are all sharing their experiences. A group that is continually seeking to learn about their abilities and how to use them in their daily life is ideal for anyone.

Another way to make it a daily part of your life is to pay attention to your inner world and connect with it. You can do this through sole activities you enjoy doing that express your inner world, such as dancing, art, meditation, or some other activity.

5. Focus On Your Goals Of Increasing Your Ability

When you focus, that is what you will see more of in your life. If you focus on negative, you will see more negative. If you focus on positive, you will see more positive. Take looking at a flower, for instance. If you see beauty in the flower, when you look around, you will likely see beauty in other things around you. If you see a flower or vine that you need to cut back, otherwise it could overtake your yard, then you’re focusing on the work at hand. Likely, you would see more work that you have to do from there on.

It takes a desire to focus on those things that will relax you and bring you positivity. Once you do, though, you will notice that you are able to let things flow and happen in your life more willingly.

Yes, focus on your goals and practice to improve your ability. And also celebrate the times when you reach them and then set new ones.