Apophyllite – Crystal Meanings

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  • Gives access to the Akashic Records and future events through scrying
  • Enhances the ability to get clarity on spiritual information and behavior patterns
  • Attunes the mind to the spirit and invokes calmness within the mind and body

Apophyllite enhances conscious awareness of spiritual insights that help you to gain knowledge into your behavior patterns. It can help you to get clarity on past, present and future decisions to make the right choices. Apophyllite increases your energy levels and links the mind to the spirit to assist in making decisions from an enlightened perspective. It also can help in accessing the Akashic Records and future events through scrying.

Its appearance looks like frozen water and is a conductor for this element. Like water, it can allow negative emotions to flow out of the body and ease the mind with peace and understanding. It relieves anxiety and stress.

Apophyllite is Useful to:

  • Access the Akashic Records
  • Attune the mind to the spirit
  • Assist in decision making from a spiritual perspective
  • Stimulates intuition to see with clarity
  • Balances perspectives and behavioral flaws
  • Increases the soul’s truth and belief in oneself
  • Alleviates worry, anxiety and nervousness

Healing Properties of Apophyllite

Healers use the stone of Apophyllite in Reiki sessions to assist in relaxing a client and increasing their reception of receiving the healing (Hall, J., p. 65). It also assists in allowing spirit and the Akashic Records to be accessed, which allows for the practitioner to get out of the way and let Spirit work on behalf of the practitioner (Hall, J., p.65). Apophyllite is healing for the mind and spirit to attune the two together for spiritual awareness and clearing of negative energy from past experiences (Hall, J., p.65).

Try This!

  • The next time you need guidance, try holding a piece of Apophyllite to your 3rd eye and channel your angels and higher, spiritual self to answer your questions.
  • When you feel out of alignment with yourself, carry a piece of Apophyllite with you and consciously use it to re-attune yourself and your behaviors into balance./li>
  • If you work in the healing profession, try using a piece of Apophyllite the next time you perform a healing session with a client. It allows a purer connection with spirit and energy.

Chakras: 3rd eye, Throat

Hall, Judy. The Crystal Bible (Cincinnati, OH: Walking Stick Press, 2003).