Hi, I'm Gabby and I Love Crystals and Good Vibes

There I admitted it. I'm here to share with you my love for peace and harmony in the home with crystals, home decor, and metaphysical tools to use and create a peaceful home environment and lifestyle.

Your Home is Your Sanctuary

When I went through a divorce in 2007, my energy was low. I discovered energy healing, crystals, and rocks that I used in my healing practice. As I grew more interested in crystals, I discovered they bring out attention to beauty in nature. It was through tuning into the beauty in a crystal that I began to have more positive thoughts. Through working with them over time, I healed limiting beliefs and eventually gained inner peace.

I now use crystals in my home decor to promote beauty and a peaceful environment. My family also enjoys using them to manifest their goals and to decorate. I teach others how to use crystals in a practical way to create a beautiful, peaceful environment as well as to heal and manifest what they want. 

No two crystals are alike just like us. There are so many spiritual lessons we can learn from crystals that promote our inner peace and wellbeing. I seek to bring that harmony and balance to anyone who wants more good vibes in their lifestyle.

More About Me

  • I've worked in energy healing and metaphysical services since 2008 and mostly enjoy teaching people about spiritual ways to improve mental health and wellness
  • I'm graduating from Prescott College with a Master's of Science Degree in Clinical Counseling in 2021 and working on becoming an LPC
  • Creating a peaceful environment and lifestyle is one of the greatest lessons I had to learn in this lifetime. It is a lifestyle and one that must be maintained and cultivated to create good vibes within to radiate out in the world.

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