Create a Relaxing Space with Crystals

Get the good vibes flowing in your home or office with crystals. We carry a variety of crystals and metaphysical supplies for the new age lifestyle.

What we do

Design Your Home with Crystals

A Sacred Vibe was founded with the desire to create beautiful, peaceful environments to fit into your lifestyle. Choose one or many to add to your home to create ambiance that relaxes and rejuvenates your energy.

Metaphysical Supplies

For practitioners or anyone who needs metaphysical items to add to their home.


Crystals to use in home decor or healing work to create a healthy lifestyle of joy and peace

Classes & Audios

We focus on creating ambiance and support you in your lifestyle with classes and audios

Adding to the Collection

The crystal addiction is real. We love crystals and collect them to place in our home. No two crystals are alike. As you discover the beauty of them, you may notice changes within yourself that reflect more peace, wellness, and beauty. We've noticed it and want to bring the same to you. 

why we do it

We’ve been there

Our goal is to help you create a healthy living environment and lifestyle that supports you every day, one that makes you feel good. When you feel good, the positive vibes increase your prosperity, mood, and wellness.

We want to bring you the best products

We work with high quality vendors to bring you the best products available. We check the quality before ordering from a vendor to ensure you get the best. We also use many of the products we offer on the website.