What Does it Mean to Be a Lighthouse During Change?

Aug 10, 2020Healthy Living1 comment

The Pharos of Alexandria, built in 280 – 247 BCE, was the first lighthouse invented. It served as a beacon to help passing ships be aware of the island and guide them into the right port. Before inventing lighthouses, ships sailing at night could not see the shore or rocks. If areas were dangerous, boats would often sink because they could not see and would run into the rocks. A lighthouse became a navigation aid to help ships navigate away from the shore.

Take into consideration how lighthouses work, and you can see the metaphor it serves in our lives. For example, see how life is the water we float on, ourselves the vessel, and the shore and rocks represent change. You, as the counselor, healer, advocate, or helping professional, are the lighthouse. A lighthouse is there to protect and guide everyone else, as you may do also.

What are Examples of Life Changes?

Here is a list of some major ones:

● Moving to a new house or location
● Getting married
● Getting divorced
● Having or adopting a child
● Breakups
● Starting a new job
● Changing careers
● Illness or accident
● Death of a loved one or caregiver
● Retirement
● Major financial loss or gain
● Children move out of the home
● Environmental disaster
● Civil unrest
● Experience of being a victim that leads to PTSD
● And many more

Sometimes we don’t know what could affect our way of living and daily balance until we experience it. After realizing that we are off-balance, we must seek ways to cope and get back on track.

Taking Care of Yourself During Times of Change

In times of uncertainty, do uplifting things. Make sure your home and workspace create a feeling of comfort and calm. The environment you create will influence you, either causing more chaos during change or help you to relax. Creating your environment will help your internal and external way of being.

Here are a few things that you may not have thought of as major comforts but have proven to work.

• Burn Nag Champa Incense and other temple incense in your spaces

• Keep an amethyst or white quartz crystal on your nightstand or in a frequented place in your home or office. I keep a amethyst heart crystal on my desk all the time.

• Adopt or step up your daily meditation routine. You could choose mindfulness as your meditation style or listen to a relaxing guided meditation.

• Adopt or step up your usual routine of calming herbal tea infusion throughout each day

• Adopt or step up your usual routine of yoga to keep you balanced and aware of your inner thoughts. I keep a yoga journal to stay active and in a routine. I also have yoga journals in my shop here.

• Take a course or listen to an audiobook on spiritual practices. Putting into practice some of the spiritual teachings helps you navigate changes. I recommend checking out my ebook on how to balance and activate your chakras.

Adapting to Changes

Most people go through a few major life changes. Those changes can throw us off balance from our everyday routine. But they also hold gifts for us to explore if we adopt the mindset of adapting to change. And as the old saying goes, what does not destroy us will only make us stronger.

One change I went through was to move to a new house during a busy working season. I had projects due but also had to pack up the house and move. It was stressful.

The first thing I had to make sure I put in place at the new house was my office. Once I had my computers and desk set up, I could start working again. Still, my time was taken up with moving boxes, unpacking, and settling into the new house. I was overwhelmed.

I placed one of my white quartz crystal statement piece on my desk and it helped me get through the process and transition. Every time I looked at it, I thought it was beautiful. In realizing its beauty, it helped me think more positively and spread joy throughout my body.

Adapting to change is not always easy for everyone. Many people like routine and need it in their life. When they are out of their routine, they can feel off balance and have a hard time getting back on track. But, many ancient masters warned us of the suffering that comes when we become attached to things.

Putting things above our wellbeing causes suffering. If we hold onto things being constant in our lives, we suffer. Learn how to embrace things when it makes sense to and embrace change when it comes. We can then protect ourselves from internal conflict with change.

If I didn’t place the crystal in my office, I might have had a worse attitude towards moving. The crystal helped keep me calm and helped keep my family calm during the major transition. Having a brighter perspective on things helped make it a smoother transition for myself and my family.

Being a Lighthouse

• A lighthouse is a symbol of stability in times of change. When things are changing in the world, having a constant can be comforting.

• A lighthouse also acts as a symbol of guidance, lighting the way when it is dark.

• When faced with adversity, a lighthouse can be a symbol of overcoming it. A lighthouse stays steady and constant during storms.

You are that lighthouse for many people. If people look to you when their lives are changing, then understand they see you as a reliable person. You are often chosen to be that beacon of light for those who are on their boat (life) out on the water (everyday society).

When rocks and the harsh shoreline (change) comes around they often look for help. But you are human as well, so how do you remain constant and undisturbed? In all actuality, that is impossible because you are human too.

But it can be less noticeable to those who do not need to see how life is for you. When in the public eye, keep a stable demeanor. Yes, change is inevitable and many times it can be uncomfortable. Being authentic is more trustworthy to people than to make your life look perfect.

The metaphor of being a lighthouse gives you a visual image that is comforting. It is fitting for times of uncertainty. If you are that lighthouse for others, you can use this metaphor in times where major change is taking place. Use it to help a person in need to understand their life situation better.