Use Your Claircognizance to Connect to Guidance from the Universe

May 4, 2019Psychic, Use Your Abilities1 comment

Have you ever thought about someone and then they popped up right after?

This is an example of how your Claircognizance works. You just know that person is coming up just around the corner.

Another way it works is when you’re in the middle of a conversation and you just know the meaning to what someone is saying even if no one else does. You may then act as a translator to explain what they are trying to say.

Or you might know something about someone or some place that you’ve not researched or known about them before.

During today’s Claircognizance Knowing Session, you’re going to discover how to use this “knowing” to make the best decisions you possibly can today.

What Claircognizance Feels Like

To define Claircognizance is to say that you’re a witness to thoughts and knowing that are coming through your inner mind that you didn’t originate in thinking. They are just there.

Most of the time you will not feel anything associated with this knowing. You will just simply know and feel as if you are right. One part of your body may “light up” in recognition that you just know in the moment that you know it.

If you’re feeling like you’re projecting thoughts onto the situation, in worry, fear, or some other feeling, then chances are you have not cleared your head and mind. Try to meditate to connect with being just a witness in your knowing and not actually trying to push to feel something.

Protection For Your Claircognizance Knowing Session

Protection is essential to working with your psychic abilities. When I was about 11 years old, I was always reading about how to use my psychic abilities, have out of body experiences, and use telekinesis. I always thought there was a ghost or entity in the home we moved to. There were several experiences I had in that home although I didn’t ever see anything or anyone. I just sensed a presence there.

So what happened was that one day I decided to try an out of body training experiment from a book I was reading at the time. I was just expecting to have the experience and wasn’t even sure what was going to happen.

As soon as my mind began to relax, I heard a male voice loud and clear say, “Hello.”

I was so startled that I put aside that book and didn’t try an out of body experience in that house ever again.

Note that I didn’t have anyone to talk to about this experience or learn from at the time. There was no Facebook with supportive groups or even hardly anyone who talked about psychic experiences, especially in my family. That was nonexistent for me.

It wasn’t until later that I learned to listen to my psychic experiences and use them in my abilities in my daily life.

I’m not saying that the voice I heard was something I needed to protect myself against, but it was startling. If I had known about protection in the beginning, then I probably wouldn’t have been as afraid at the time.

The best way to protect yourself is simply to call on the white light to surround you and your living space. I suggest saying a prayer before beginning your Claircognizant Knowing Session.

One that you can say is: “I only allow love, light, and peace into my space and my body. I allow the white light to surround me and my home and my space where I am performing this session today. I only allow in the most supportive information from the Universe with love and peace to help me in my day today.”

How to Have Your Claircognizant Knowing Session

1. Find a quiet place and have your notebook ready. You’ll want to take notes of any information that comes through for you today.

2. Ask a question to start off your session. You can ask, “what is there for me to know today?” or another question that you want to know about.

3. Take note of the first impression that enters into your mind. While you are writing, you may have more information come through and wind up automatic writing as you go. Just go with the flow and let these things come through you in the moment.

4. As you go, ask more questions of what you most want to know about. As you ask more questions, then you will know more about what you need to know.

5. Be sure that as you get information you are not attached to the information you’re receiving. If you’re feeling emotions attached to the answers you’re getting or pushing for the answers to be one way or another, then take a break and clear your mind. You need your mind to be clear for Claircognizance to be the truth in your mind. It’s like being the witness to the thoughts in your mind, not the one who is thinking them.

6. Ask how this information applies to your day or situation. Ask for the meaning to your situation. Just let this information come through you and write down what you receive.

7. If you have ways to verify the information you received, use them for confirmation. For instance, I like to use Cartomancy to confirm the information I receive. I can ask yes/no questions or interpretation questions. You may also use Tarot or some other form of confirmation like muscle testing.

If you keep having feelings like you’re pushing for something to happen, or for a certain answer to go your way, I advise you to get a psychic session to either confirm or debunk the answer. Having someone who isn’t close to the situation look into it will help you know if what you’re getting is reality or fantasy. Just one session can save you from making a mistake that could cost years of your life going in the wrong direction.