Use Rose Quartz For Self Care

Jun 22, 2019Crystals1 comment

What is Rose Quartz and Where is it Found?

Rose Quartz could show up near you! It’s found in many locations over the globe, but is mined to sell from Madagascar, South Africa, Namibia, in South Dakota within the US, and Brazil. Also countries like India and Germany have produced Rose Quartz.

What color is Rose Quartz?

It ranges from a light pink to a saturated, darker light pink color. It has different saturations of color depending on the location it is mined from. Sometimes suppliers put the Rose Quartz through a treatment that produces a darker color or an aura type of color wash onto the crystal.

Why Use Rose Quartz?

One of the reasons you would use Rose Quartz in your self care routine is because it opens your energy to one of the highest forms of being. That is being compassionate towards yourself and others.

Rose Quartz’s Healing Properties

Rose Quartz can instantly calm your energy from anxiety, restlessness and worry. It gives you an instant mood booster if you’re feeling depressed. It can also help attract love to you from other people.

Its vibration emits love, compassion, joy, and happiness into your auric field and the environment around you.

Rose Quartz has a gentle, soothing quality of energy to it. It’s not intrusive or abrasive in its healing properties. Anyone can benefit from Rose Quartz’s healing ability, and it’s especially recommended for mental health and trauma victims.

It is helpful in relaxing and tending to your self care needs. When you need to slow down and relax during a busy day, or anytime you feel burned out, anxious, frustrated, or upset with anyone, you can use Rose Quartz to calm your mind and energy. It can then help you reflect on the situation and think through things to come to a conclusion of how you feel and your next step of action.

For trauma victims and those with negative past experiences, you can use Rose Quartz to gently release and flush out anger. It’s also helpful to release feelings of resentment, guilt, jealousy, and worry.

If you’ve been bullied or abused through mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual means, you can use Rose Quartz to release the tension and stressful thoughts the abuse has caused you. Rose Quartz will help you bring your emotional center back into alignment with who you are, not the labels that people have placed on you from their negative words.

Rose Quartz helps to heal the negativity placed on you from other people and allows yourself to fall in love with you again.

How to Use Rose Quartz in Healing

There’s several different ways to use Rose Quartz in healing. I’ll give an overview of a few ideas that you can use to get you started.
  • Auric Field – By placing the stone close to you, you allow the stone’s healing properties to come into your aura. This alone can be beneficial for you when you need to calm your anxious mind, uplift your mood, focus on your self care, and think through things in a loving way. The stone gently penetrates your aura and will naturally uplift, soothe, and balance it with self compassion and love. I recommend to place the stone right in front of you and allow it about 5-10 minutes or more to perform its work in your aura.
  • Crystal Grids – If you’re trying to manifest more love and ongoing healing, trauma release, or any type of negative energy flush, then place the Rose Quartz in a crystal grid. You can simply have the Rose Quartz as the focus stone and place other helpful crystals around it in a circle. Some crystals you might want to use include quartz crystals for increased energy coming from the Rose Quartz.
  • Crystal Healing On The Body – place crystals on your body while laying down and allow the Rose Quartz’s gentle energy to work in your aura and with your focused intention. This is a kind of relaxation and meditation that will allow you a few minutes to heal with the crystal.
  • Home Decor – you can use crystals as decor for your home and place Rose Quartz wherever you feel you need a gentle reminder for more compassion, peace, and uplifting energy throughout your home.
  • On-the-Go – If you have a particularly stressful family or job that you can’t get away from, or you just need a boost of love and compassion while out socializing, carry a Rose Quartz in your pocket or wear a piece of jewelry with the crystal. The crystal’s gentle energy vibration will help you focus on peace and comfort as you go through your day.

Manifest Things Using Focused Intention with Rose Quartz

One of the best things to do with Rose Quartz and any crystal is to have a focused intention for it, or a focus word for healing. It can be a word that just comes to you of whatever you’re trying to manifest at this time in your life.
For example, if you want to attract love into your life and a soul mate or companionship, you can use a focus word of “soulmate love” or “lasting companionship and love” for the crystal. The crystal then serves as a concrete, real reminder of your focus word and will help in bringing what you want to manifest into your life.
By using focused intention, you can manifest things. By using a crystal with focused intention, you have a real reminder in your space that will help you each time you see it. The crystal then becomes like a vision board for what you want, only with the added benefit of emitting the energy waves you also want to manifest into your life. The energy waves it emits for soulmate love are love attraction, self love, and relaxing your energy to allow love into your life.