Timing in Psychic Readings

Jun 21, 2019Psychic, Tarot1 comment

Timing can be tricky! No one psychic that I’ve known has ever gotten timing 100% right. Let’s go through the different ways timing can be forecasted, why it can take longer than expected, and why sometimes the prediction never comes to pass.

If you’re a psychic or are practicing, or simply want to know how timing works, follow along with your cards or psychic senses and keep a journal to note your timing predictions and when, how, where, and what comes to pass. It’s helpful to take notes on what you’re sensing with your psychic abilities to keep up with your predictions. You can learn a lot through trial and error practice to sharpen your skills. Let’s get started!

What is Timing in Divination?

Timing is when a psychic will forecast a prediction in a matter of days, weeks, months, or years. It could be in answer to when a person would contact you, when you would pass a certain test, or any other “when” questions that you ask about.

Why Timing Doesn’t Happen In A Predicted Timeframe

One of the problems with forecasting timing in a reading is that the other spirit world has no concept of time. It will always tell you the truth of what it sees happening for your life, or give you guidance along the way, but timing could be hours, days, months, or years down the road. Take for example a vision I had back in 2012. Spirit brought a vision on me in the middle of the day and showed me my future partner. I felt so happy, amazingly more than I was feeling before the vision. I saw what they looked like, where we were at, the environment, and other tell-tale features about me and them so I would have a few clues to go by when this man would come into my life. Spirit also said the word, “August.” Just like that, the vision vanished. I was left with pieces of a puzzle that weren’t all there to place it together into a cohesive picture.

At the time, it was May so I thought Spirit meant August as in just a few months away. But, then, August came and passed and this wonderful guy didn’t show up. In fact, a lot of Augusts came and passed until I met Brent again (we went to high school together) in 2016… at least 4 years after having the original vision.

I knew it was him because Spirit brought another vision on me when we were having lunch together – right there at the table! And yet, he was oblivious to it, or even our connection. It actually took many months after of us being friends to form a relationship.

Even with a vision given by Spirit like that, their timing could make it seem like it’s just a few months away to us, but in reality, it could be years! And when it does happen, we might not even totally recognize that it’s happening at the time. I think that Spirit does like to surprise us sometimes!

Another thing I didn’t mention is that I consulted a lot of psychics during this time to even see if he was the one. Many said yes and some said no. A lot of them gave me different timings for what was going to happen, some with clues to piece together. Some were right and some were wrong. I think that the thing about timing is that not to put too much emphasis on it, but to use the reading as a guide for clues to know when it is happening so that you will keep your faith for the time in between it happening.

How Timing is Forecast

There’s different ways to forecast timing with many different tools on the market.

These can include:

  • Tarot cards
  • Cartomancy (playing cards)
  • Dice
  • Pendulum
  • Runes
  • Reading the energy of a person
  • Using your psychic senses – clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience
  • Or some other method of reading cards, books, or using tools

This is just a quick overview of a few different ways to forecast timing in a reading. Let’s go through some of these more in depth.

Using Tarot to Forecast Timing

Tarot is great for the divination of timing because you can read a few different things from the cards. Let’s go through those.


The Tarot can forecast the season when something is going to happen. This is very helpful because we may energetically pick up on a season or timing, but the pictures/images and feeling we get from energy may not always be correct. Using Tarot as a backup will help with this.

Here’s the cards that correspond to the different seasons:


The Wands represent the Springtime.

It’s a time when the earth is fertile again. Plants, flowers, bushes are all unfurling their leaves and blossoming into life. The wands with leaves growing out of them also represent things coming to life after the frigid winter.





The Cups represent the Summer.

It’s a time when there’s water from the summer rainstorms, people going to the beach for vacations, and kids (adults too) jumping into swimming pools to enjoy the water.






The Pentacles represent the Fall (Autumn).

It’s a time when the leaves are falling, it’s time for the harvest season, return to the earth with grounding, and stockpiling food, money, and other things before the winter comes.






The Swords represent the Winter.

It’s a time when it’s freezing (in many parts of the world), longer nights than days, it’s cold like the sword.

Tarot and Dates

There’s more to discuss on Tarot and timing that correspond to specific time frames, astrological signs, and a range of dates. However, in my own use of the Tarot cards for timing, these haven’t proven to be consistent for me, either in readings for myself or in readings for others. I’ve used other ways to interpret timing that have proven to be more specific.

Using Playing Cards

Using playing cards for timing has proven to be more specific for timing. In cartomancy, the cards are used for timing as follows:

  • Clubs – immediately, a day, to a few days
  • Hearts – happens within 1 – 3 months
  • Diamonds – happens in a year – years (depending on the card you pulled to what number of years)
  • Spades – doesn’t happen at all, or may represent a block to it happening. Can also indicate that the person involved may need to change a behavior or belief for it to happen, and to consult the cards again after they’ve transformed what was blocking them.

Using Your Psychic Senses

Often, during a reading, you may hear, see, or sense numbers around the timing of an event. Sometimes it may feel as if a person will call in a day or a few days to a few weeks. Sometimes the timing from your psychic senses can be accurate and other times it may seem like a hit or miss.

What you can do in this case is to keep a log book of psychic timings for yourself and readings you give. When a person confirms or debunks a reading, log it next to the prediction and get really curious about why it was wrong and even why it was right.

Chances are that there was some other information you either dismissed or didn’t explore fully was also present that could have been a clue to the timing, or other details in the reading.

Make Your Own Timing Tools

One of the things that has worked for me in some readings is to have scraps of paper where I can write on them specific words, timing, symbols, or other details I believe may pertain to the answer the client is looking for. During the reading, I’ll mix up the scraps of paper and pull from them, then perform the reading from what was written on the paper scraps. It’s a primitive form of cards, but when you need to improvise, can prove to be very handy for a reading. I recommend practicing this method before using it in a reading so that you will know how to tune into the scraps of paper and choose according to your psychic senses.

Asking Your Psychic Spirit Team

If you’ve gathered a psychic spirit team with your spirit guides and any additional spirits, angels, or psychics from the other realm, then you can always ask them what they think in regards to timing for the reading. Usually, at least one will come forward and provide some information. Just keep in mind that their timing and our timing may be different in terms of how many years before it actually happens. This is where you want to ask exact questions of them to know whether it will happen in a matter of weeks, months, or years. You can ask them pointed questions that have a yes/no answer for timing to gain the information you need.

Some may say that timing is taboo to even have during a reading. But, the opportunity does exist for you to know how long until something will happen or not. The thing I want to stress with you is not to put too much into when something will happen, but to have faith that it will happen. Having faith in something happening will free you of the anxiety and stress of worrying about the future. If you’re continually wondering when something will happen and thinking about it all of the time, you miss the ability to truly enjoy and live life.

What are some tools and ways that you use timing in your readings?