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Would you like to know more about what is blocking you in your Chakras?

Would you like to find your natural way of being and how to align your Chakras to improve your business, career, and life?

In each of the 7 Chakras there is information and knowledge to be learned. Each Chakra can hold various types of information and you may be surprised to learn that by accessing and learning from this secret information, you can greatly improve your quality of life and your overall physical health. The following is a guide to the types of information that can be unlocked within your own Chakras.

1. Past life information and blocks

The Heart Chakra can hold information relating to past lives and the energy or impressions left behind from them. People who experience intense fears or phobias often have some residual energy left over from an event relating to that specific fear from a past life. This left over energy causes a “block” and can cause great distress in your everyday life.

2. Strengths for career, relationship, personality

The Sacral Chakra governs your relationships and career goals. A blockage in this Chakra can cause sexual dysfunction, and a host of other physical ailments relating to sexual and reproductive health. This Chakra also helps navigate career paths and can help establish a positive or negative relationship with monetary gain. Focused meditation on the Sacral Chakra helps you visualize and improve your financial situation.

3. Blocks you are experiencing emotionally that prevent you from moving forward in life

Emotions are seated in the Solar Plexus Chakra. You can influence positive emotions from this point. However, this Chakra also has the capacity to hold negative energy stemming from abusive relationships, codependent people, and any other sort of emotional entanglement. You can clear out the blockage using a variety of Chakra cleansing techniques.

4. Ancestral blocks from the past 3 generations or more

The Root or Base Chakra carries all of the memories from our ancestral past. Major or traumatic events that have affected our families, even if it was many generations ago, will be recorded in the Root Chakra. Many people often experience blocks in this Chakra and fail to identify the cause of the problem because the event didn’t happen to them directly, rather the memory of the event has caused a disturbance in the individual’s balance.

5. Guidance to move forward in life and goals

The 5th or Throat Chakra is the creative center and the place from which we can seek to reach our goals. Highly creative people often feel that they are a conduit for some higher power. This energy flows through the Throat Chakra and this is what they are experiencing.

6. Relationship secrets and guidance

The Sacral Chakra can correlate directly to the relationships we find ourselves in on an everyday basis. If you find that you have difficulty establishing or maintaining meaningful relationships, you may have a blockage that needs to be cleared in order to allow positive energy to flow freely and facilitate healthy relationships.

7. The way to tune into others to help them with healing

Each of us requires spiritual healing at some point to help alleviate physical or emotional stress. You can tap into another person’s Chakra via any healthy, free flowing Chakra in your own body. Before you use this energy to heal someone you must be familiar with each of the chakras and each of their purposes.

Once you are familiar with these aspects, you can align your Chakra with theirs to achieve optimal vibrational resonance, helping them come back into alignment.