Stop Living for Others – Rediscover Yourself

Jul 10, 2019News1 comment

Do you often feel like you’re doing, doing, doing for your kids, spouse, work/boss, and other people?

If you feel like you’re constantly giving your time to others, and are burned out, I have something you will want to listen to!

My friend, Val Selby, is one woman who felt like she was only living for her family instead of for herself. She noticed herself doing this years ago, but didn’t realize how to stop it in the midst of raising her kids. Now that they’ve grown, she discovered what it truly means to “live your best life” and is on a mission to help other women discover what their best life is too!

Sometimes it takes a village of cheerleaders to help you see the epiphany that you deserve joy and happiness. Yes, and while caring for your family is a necessity, carving out time for yourself is still doable, even in today’s busy lifestyles.

I am inviting you to rediscover yourself and your time so that you can stop feeling burned out by constantly giving to other people.

Just like the oxygen mask on a plane, you must put it on yourself first before putting it on your kids. It’s time to take care of YOU first!

Here’s how:

Sign up for Val’s Bold Life Collection here!

Inside, you’re going to discover:

Bold Life is one part online summit, one part product bundle, and one part group coaching. She has lined up a list of speakers to teach you and to cheer you on. They have donated some of their paid products to offer you at no extra charge. AND you get access to the private Facebook Group where Val will post daily videos and you’ll have a chance to interact with other program participants.

I am speaking on Thursday, July 11 at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST to talk about “5 Ways to Trust Your Intuition to Make the Best Decisions” so be sure to sign up to attend.

I’ve also contributed a group workshop called, “Guidance Through Intuition: Be Happier and More Confident Making Decisions” you can get access to with your purchase of the Bold Life Collection. It’s a LIVE workshop.

Go here to get the Bold Life Collection!

You’ll find a lot of great, gutsy women who share their expertise about living boldly and taking more time for YOU!