Discover the Secret to Manifesting with Crystals to Get What You Want

Aug 18, 2020Crystals1 comment

When I discovered I could set an intention and then watch it unfold before my eyes, I was shocked. I grew up thinking life happened to us. When I realized I could set goals and intentions using crystals to manifest them, I was so happy. I felt so much better realizing I could create part of my future to move towards things I wanted.

In this blog post, you will discover how crystals are effective in helping to hold the space for your intentions, serve as a visual aid (much like a vision board), and raise your vibration to encourage you to manifest what you want.

Choosing the Right Crystal

Many crystals hold different intentions already. They are usually labeled at many shops and stores in the local area and online. If you’re not familiar with the intentions that crystals hold, you can research them. I recommend reading Judy Hall’s book, Encyclopedia of Crystals.

You can choose a crystal that is useful for a variety of things, like a Master Healer White Quartz crystal, or a crystal that holds an intention for each desire you want to manifest.

Cleanse Your Crystal

One of the important first steps is to cleanse your crystal. To do this, I suggest getting a sage smudge stick or palo santo and, once lighted, wave the smoke around your crystal. Ask for any negative energies to be removed from the crystal and be returned to the light, back to the universe to be recycled for good use.

You need to bring the energy of the crystal to neutral. Before you purchased or found the crystal, it may have been in other people’s hands or had other energies attach to it. Once you cleanse it, you will be ready to program it for your intention.

Connect with Your Crystal

The second step is to make an energetic connection with your crystal. It’s very easy to do. Hold the crystal in your hand and gaze at it. You can choose to talk to it if you would like to tell it what you would like to manifest. Doing this, either aloud or in your mind, would help you to program your crystal with your desire to manifest. Ask your crystal to help you manifest this wish. As you do this, you are making an energetic connection with your crystal.

Set Your Intention

To fully set your intention, hold the crystal in your hand, and speak your intention to your crystal. To set an intention, think about what you want to manifest. Say what you want to the crystal. If you know what short or long term goals you have, then also speak these to your crystal.

For example, if I wanted to manifest a soul mate, I would say:

  • I want to manifest the best soul mate for me to come into my life now. I want a relationship that is spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally engaging and is a reciprocal relationship.

Try saying what your intention is. There is not a right or wrong way to do this, but if you are looking for a fast turnaround, set shorter-term goal intentions. If you aren’t sure how long it would take to manifest, then set shorter goals so that you know you can reach them faster. As you reach these goals, you will gain confidence in reaching them and can then ask for longer-term goals later.