5 Days to Set Your Intentions Using Crystals Challenge

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Manifest Your Intentions Using Crystals daily
Do you often feel run down? Tired? Want to manifest a desire in your life, but haven’t yet?

The 5-day Intention Setting with Crystals Challenge helps you release the stuck feeling in your energy and re-engage what you want to manifest. Whether it is a relationship, better health, wealth, or something else, start taking steps to manifest it into your life.

Join the 5-day challenge to get started!

What You Will Learn:

  • Discover the secret to using crystals to manifest what you want daily
  • Get tips on 5 crystals to use to improve your wellbeing
  • Learn how to program your crystals for success
  • Uncover how to use crystals in your every day life
  • Find out the best ways to take your crystals on the go
  • Realize how to use your crystals in meditation to connect with your chakras

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