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If you’d like to increase your creativity and innovation for business, career, work, or a project or product you’re working on, it can be easy to do. It just takes a little bit of time and practice to access and increase your imaginative skills. When you were younger, you may have noticed that these skills and visions came to you easily. As you get older, your mind is weighed down by the responsibilities you have and those things that you worry about take up space in your mind. Emptying your mind of these things temporarily is what you need to do to tune into the vast imaginative universe that awaits you.


Pick your favorite – Nikola Tesla or Albert Einstein. Either one you pick, they both used their imagination to access their creativity. How? They tapped into the universe.

If you think about it, what you see in normal day-to-day life is limited. An apple is an apple. A tree is a tree. They have fixed colors. An apple is either a shade of red or green. A tree is usually brown and green.

But, when a teacher asked a group of kindergarten students to draw a tree, one student drew a blue trunk and purple leaves. Immediately, the teacher said, “That’s not how a tree is supposed to look.” That’s because the teacher was only seeing from a limited point of view, what she could see with her eyes in front of her.

Had she looked using her psychic eye, or clairvoyant skills, she may have seen a tree that was purple and blue too.

Tesla and Einstein had it right. They tapped into the power of their imagination to come up with the theories they came up with. Tesla and Einstein are both quoted to go into their imaginations to perfect their formulas and inventions. Tesla is quoted for going into his imagination and looking at his inventions from all sides, testing how they work, running them into the future to see how they work, and even perfecting them in his imagination before building them.

The imagination is a powerful thing! And you can use it for any creative project you wish to.


You can actually do this with or without crystals. If you’re a little afraid to use your clairvoyant skills, then using a crystal helps you to get past that fear. It works almost the same as a young child who holds a teddy bear at night. It’s a safety tool that acts as a barrier for the things that scare you. Just as a child will hold a soft bear or other animal for safety, the crystal can act as the doorway to allow you to see what’s out there in the universe. Think of it as your telescope to the universe and all the things that are in it.


In our Creative Spark Intuitive Set of Crystals and Tumbled Stones, we have 4 different crystals and tumbled stones that help with increasing your imagination and creativity.

Pyrite – This stone is known as “Fool’s Gold” and it reminds me of The Fool in the Tarot deck. The Fool is off in fantasy land as he makes his way to visit the other cards in the deck. He sets out for the unknown, unaware of the dangers or anything he’s about to experience. Much like tapping into your imagination and the universe, you are going into the unknown and that can be scary at first until you see what awaits you to discover there. The Pyrite stone helps to increase your self confidence and look into the unknown confidently. It helps you to get rid of anxiety and its sparkly surface helps you tap into more imagination and creativity. Who can resist the sparkles of pyrite? It is beautiful and helps you tap into that beauty to forget about your fear. It also boosts your energy and inspires you to taking your next steps in your creative projects.

Orange Calcite – This warm and inviting stone puts off a beautiful energy to where you just want to keep it in your lap all the time. It helps you feel the warmth and comfort of the stone. It also is a great stone for tuning into your Sacral Chakra, the place where your creativity is at! It helps you become more positive and also helps with your communications with others, allowing you to speak up. If you need ideas for your projects, then tune in using your Orange Calcite and the ideas will flow from mind to paper as you write out your ideas.

Rainbow Fluorite – Fluorite is a crystal that is truly inspiring. It has a natural band of rainbow like colors that blend so smoothly together. It’s the stone that you want to use to dream and imagine what’s out there in the universe, what could be in your life or creative project, and what is possible. It’s the stone that will let you dream and tune in, focusing on what is beneficial and inspiring for you the most. It also is helpful to keep nearby at your workspace to enhance your energy to complete projects. It is a grounding stone that really helps you put your projects forward to finish them.

Black Tourmaline – This stone is very grounding and stabilizing. It removes negative energy from your space, aura, mind, and anywhere else. It is useful to put all your fears and worries into the Black Tourmaline and expect them to be worked through quickly. The Black Tourmaline stone is one that will clear the path for your creative projects to come to life. You can also use it to increase spontaneity. Since it is pure black, it can be used to tune into the universe and have a crystal clear thought pop into your mind that you can expand and elaborate on using your spontaneous recognition in the moment. It works with you to use those skills.


When you purchase the Creative Spark Intuitive Set of Crystals & Tumbled Stones, we provide you with complete instructions on how to use each crystal and stone to heal and tap into your creativity and imagination.

Here’s a way to use any crystals you have right now:

1. Meditate for a few minutes, taking in 3 deep breaths and letting them out to relax and calm your mind.
2. Place the crystal or tumbled stone in the middle of your forehead on the 3rd Eye and press lightly to activate it.
3. With your eyes closed, start to see what images, moving pictures, hear any words or sounds, or any information that is coming through your body. If anything is popping out at you as important, take note of it in your nearby journal. It’s okay to interrupt the session if you have a flash of insight or vision and take note of it. It’s better to capture it than lose it. You may also want to have a recorder going and speak out loud as you see things to capture them without interrupting to write.
4. If you get stuck, ask questions and get curious about what you’re seeing. You can ask anything you want! This is the universe you’re speaking to.
Here’s a few questions to get you started:

  • Which project is best for me to work on at this time?
  • I’m trying to figure something out. Can you show me the answer to it?
  • I want to know what ingredients I need for my project. Please show them to me.
  • I’d just like to see something cool. Can you show me something that will make me think and inspire me?
  • I’d like to see why I’m blocked from completing my project. Please show me what’s blocking me and help me resolve it.

I’m sure you can think of many more questions as you go!

Have some crystals and stones you use to increase your creativity? Share them with us.