How to Track Your Progress and Growth with a Crystal Intention Journal

Aug 27, 2020Manifesting1 comment

Now that we’ve talked about the ways for you to write your intention and manifest what you want using a crystal and a journal, it’s time to find out how to measure and track your success. While you don’t have to measure success, it is helpful to see how your energy is manifesting the things you want over time. It helps you feel motivated and confident about your ability to manifest things.

Check In With Your Journaling

Plan a time to check in on what you wish to manifest with your journaling every 1-3 months. While you are writing a journal page, you could also write a brief checklist of the things you intend to manifest. Here are some tips to check in with your journaling:

  1. Create a brief checklist with the thing you want to manifest
  2. Write the date that you initially started manifesting these things
  3. Leave enough room for notes and dates or milestones. By using milestones, you can jot down what you’ve manifested that has led up to manifesting your larger goal. For example, if you are manifesting a new career, you could jot down a milestone of having an interview with your dream company.
  4. Review the list every 1 – 3 months and cross off anything you’ve already manifested

Realign Your Intentions

If you aren’t manifesting what you’ve intended it usually means that you are not aligned to it at the moment. In this case, it’s helpful to work with your crystal to heal anything blocking you from manifesting what you want, and also to align with your intentions.

If you try to align with your intentions but feel unease or unclear, it’s usually a sign that you are misaligned with your intentions. One of the most helpful things to do in this case is to meditate. You can also use your crystal to help tune into what’s going on inside of you while meditating.

To start, follow this meditation that can help you align with your intentions:

  1. Hold your chosen crystal in your hands and get into a comfortable position
  2. Take in 3 deep breaths. Let your exhalation be longer than your inhalation and let your body relax.
  3. Ask your crystal to help you focus on finding the blockages that aren’t aligned to your intentions
  4. Notice if you feel any pokes, pressure, or other body movements and feelings and in which area they come from
  5. Take your crystal and point it at any area where you feel a block.
  6. Ask the energy where you feel a block, “Why have you not been aligned with my goal of [enter goal]? You will notice some statements coming as the answers are trying to protect you. There are often fear-based reasons for preventing you from reaching your goal.
  7. Release these energies by pulling backwards on the crystal and saying, “release”
  8. When you are finished, and all blocks have been released, wave your crystal around your head and body to cleanse your aura.
  9. Then ask your crystal to align you to your intentions