How to Hear Your Spirit Guides and Get Their Help

May 4, 2019Psychic, Use Your Abilities1 comment

Ready to chat with your spirit guides? Great news! You can meet them and talk with them. In fact, you’ll be meeting your psychic team today who will help you with guidance, readings, and life choices.

You’ll be using all of the Clairabilities we’ve talked about so far in the past few days as each one will have a message for you from your spirit guides.

The first time I recall hearing from one of my spirit guides was when I was 7 years old. I typically would go to the day care after school, but on this Tuesday, my mom told me to wait after school for my Granny to pick me up.

I attended a Catholic school and went to sit on the church steps. I waited for nearly an hour before wondering if I should just walk home. Our house was 2 blocks away and I didn’t have a key, but thought I could just sit outside and wait for a neighbor or for my mom to get home.

A lady, probably a teacher or church administrator, walked by me and asked if I wanted to use the telephone to call my Granny. I told her no, but I wasn’t really sure if I should have used it or not.

After she left though, I recall touching my rosary that I kept in my bookbag. At that moment, a voice in my head said not to leave the steps because my Granny was coming in a few minutes. I saw in my mind Granny driving her car on the way to get me at the same time.

I thought the voice was that of an angel. It was feminine and very specific about the instructions it was giving me to stay there, not to walk home, as I had thought about doing.

Sure enough, my Granny pulled up about 5-7 minutes later and apologized for not being there sooner. Years later, my mom told me she called her to remind her about picking me up. It was an early sign of the eventual onset of her dementia that became Alzheimer’s.

The voice I heard that day also connected with me during other times of my life, but we will discuss those stories another time.

It wasn’t until later that I learned we have a spirit guide team that is available to ask for guidance when we need it. Whether you give psychic readings or you just do them for yourself, your team can help you with the information you seek.

Here’s how to connect with them:

1. Sit or lay down and clear your mind
2. Ask for one of your spirit guides to come in to speak with you
3. Ask them for their name
4. Ask them what they can help you with
5. Ask them to tell them how they’ve helped you in the past
6. Ask them what guidance you really want to, or need to know right now
7. Ask if there are any other spirit guides on your team
8. Repeat the steps of 2-7 until you learn about all of your spirit guides

Remember that they are there for you when you need them so connect with them when you have questions.