How to Activate the Throat Chakra?

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What is the Throat Chakra?

There are 7 Chakras and the Throat Chakra is the 5th one that is actually located in your throat. It’s called Vishuddha in Sanskrit and means purification.

You can also associate purification with speaking the truth since the Throat Chakra is the center of sound and voice.

It’s the Chakra associated how you communicate and express yourself.

Where is the Throat Chakra?

It’s located in your throat. If you put your two fingers on your throat, you’ll be tapping into your Throat Chakra.

What color represents the Throat Chakra?

The color that it is mostly represented with it is blue.

When is the Throat Chakra open?

When the Throat Chakra is open, you’ll experience a flow in your communication. You will feel tapped into your energy and be able to express yourself without holding back. Your communication will be truthful and honest in what you’re feeling and in relation to the goal you’re trying to reach. You’ll feel “on it” in your communication with others.

Even your non-verbal communication will express in alignment with your goals. You will be able to express yourself very easily when your Throat Chakra is open. You won’t worry or doubt yourself, but will feel comfortable in expressing what thoughts are going through your mind and also what you are feeling.

When the Throat Chakra is open, you’ll also feel more in alignment with your purpose and in completing your goals. The communication is not only about your voice, but also about your whole body’s communication, which will be moving towards what you most wish to see happen in reality.

When is the Throat Chakra blocked?

When the Throat Chakra is blocked, there are different symptoms that will show up in the way that you express yourself, or in the lack of expressing yourself. These issues also show up in your emotions, mental thoughts, and behavior.

  • You may feel as though you aren’t being heard
  • You may find it hard to express your emotions or even know what they are
  • You lack a flow to expressing yourself and in finding the right words
  • You may feel a lump in your throat or some physical sensation that feels limiting and blocking when you go to speak
  • You may feel as if you aren’t truly communicating what you feel inside or feel scared to tell the truth
  • You may feel as if you’re going to be abandoned if you tell what’s on your mind
  • You may feel that you’re not able to express yourself in your words, actions, or even in your style
  • You may feel as if you are blocked from being your true self
  • You may shrink at the opportunity to speak or sing
  • You don’t feel comfortable telling people a lot about yourself or sharing even small pieces of information with others

How to activate the Throat Chakra?

Activating the Throat Chakra is easy to do and really only takes your focus, concentration, and intention to activate it for yourself. I’ll bet you can guess one of the best ways to open your Throat Chakra. Did you guess sound, singing, or talking? Yes! That’s right.

You can:

  • Place your fingers or a gemstone or crystal on your Throat Chakra and feel the vibrations from this area
  • Listen to a guided meditation to activate your Throat Chakra
  • Listen to certain sounds that are meant only for your Throat Chakra
  • Sing to some of your favorite music
  • Talk to yourself or in a recorder or video to “warm up” your voice
  • Talk to a friend or partner to exercise your voice
  • Say a mantra in meditation
  • Chant “OM” in meditation to open this chakra
  • Meditate with your focus, concentration, and intention on activating your Throat Chakra
  • Heal any abandonment issues or fear around speaking your truth
  • Say what you are feeling and the emotions you’re experiencing during the day

You could even listen to Shamanic drumming or water sounds. There’s no set way to open your Throat Chakra and you can truly open it with just your focus, practice, and intention. When you do channeling in your journal or notebook, you may notice that you are tuning into the Throat Chakra.

For me, my Throat Chakra still gets stuck at times. It’s one chakra I continually work at in expressing myself. The way that I’ve learned works the best for me is to record my voice or myself in a video talking about things I want to teach others. I sometimes have to warm up my voice by performing readings or talking for about 5-10 minutes before it kicks in and I feel comfortable.

Another thing that has helped me over time with this chakra is to perform live call readings for others. I’ve found that it opens up easily when I talk to other people and advise them on what is going on in their life and also what they can do to change things for themselves. The focus of intention that I have during these calls is to help people and I’ve found that with that intention, my throat chakra will open and communicate truth clearly.

How to balance the Throat Chakra?

If you feel that the Throat Chakra is off balance, there’s a few things you can do to bring it back in balance that are simple and fun to do.

Color Therapy for the Throat Chakra

Find a blue card and focus on the color of it. Let the blue energy come into your mind and space. Look into the blue and allow for yourself to feel its energy. Ask for the color to open your insight and intuition to perceive what truth and information you most need from the universe right now.

When you feel complete with focusing on the color, hold a blue stone up to your Throat Chakra. I recommend Lapis Lazuli because it is a stone associated with helping you feel bold in your personal communication and expression. Allow the stone to dissolve any impurities that you feel are coming from there as well as any negative events that come up.

Crystal Therapy for the Throat Chakra

Crystals you can use to help balance and heal your Throat Chakra include:

  • Clear Crystal Quartz – cleanses, removes built up thoughts and emotions, purifies, energizes, balances, helpful for communicating truth with still, clear thoughts. Works with any chakra.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Its bright blue color instantly awakens your Throat chakra. It’s a powerful stone that helps you in communicating yourself boldly. You’ll feel more empowered when you use this stone when expressing yourself.
  • Blue Lace Agate – a calming and healing stone. This will reduce your worry and stress over communications, balances your aura and your emotions, thoughts.
  • Turquoise – this stone will help balance your emotions and helps with communicating your truth. Boosts your psychic abilities and your ability to tune into issues from past lifetimes. Aids in healing and balancing out your yin and yang qualities, which will also help in your non-verbal and verbal communication skills.
  • Larimar – another stone that aids in clear communication while also balancing out your emotions and easing stress. Helps you to also tune into your emotions and speak them with more ease. Can also aid in releasing the negative energy that may get trapped in your Throat chakra, including stuck emotions of anger and pain from negative experiences.
  • Amazonite – while we all want to speak openly about our thoughts and feelings to other people, we certainly try to choose the right words. We especially are aware of the power of our words for ourselves and for others as we always strive to help people and not harm them. This stone helps you to keep those higher ideals in mind when communicating. It is helpful to balance your truth with integrity and aligns your ability to choose the most empowering words.
  • Shattuckite – a personal favorite of mine. This has been one of my first stones I used to express psychic communication and it has aided me well! It’s a natural psychic communicator stone that helps you tap into vision and intuition, channeling, spirits that have passed over, all of your clairabilities, and more. It also helps with communicating what you see, hear, feel, and know with more ease.
  • Brucite – since the Throat chakra helps with goal setting, I thought I’d mention this stone as well. It helps with aligning you to your goals and communicating what you need to ensure you achieve them more clearly. It can also help you with delegating and finding the right team if you need one. In addition, it’s an excellent stone to help with decision making and easing worry during that process.

Essential Oil for Your Throat Chakra

  • Frankincense
  • Jasmine
  • Geranium
  • Peppermint
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Neroli
  • Sandalwood

How to heal the Throat Chakra?

If you find imbalances and stuck energy in your Throat Chakra, healing these things requires moving the trapped energy out of your body and it also means gaining trust again with this chakra.

One of the ways I strongly suggest healing your Throat chakra is through singing or playing sounds. You can sing to your favorite music whenever you’d like. I strongly suggest, and challenge you, to sing in front of someone, whether at a karaoke night or to a friend.

One of the ways to heal your chakras is to experience new things you haven’t done before. The new memory creates a new pattern in the brain that, when it’s a positive one, will help you to resolve any of the older, negative experiences. So, with any chakra, look for ways you can take the healing to the next level of your experience.

Another thing that is fun to do is to join a drum circle. Find a simple drum online and bring it or ask the organizer if they have drums available you can use when you go. If you have a drum, you can play for yourself anytime you feel energy stuck in your throat chakra.

One of the best drums available are the Shamanic drums as they have a deep sound that you can use to loosen up stuck energy in your Throat chakra. It’s also one of the easiest instruments to play so there’s not much of a learning curve!

If you want to experiment with sound, try learning an instrument you’ve always wanted to play.

There’s other ways to heal the Throat Chakra you may want to try:

  • Find the root cause. Typically, we ask the Throat Chakra to reveal what we need to know that is blocking it in this moment.
  • Keeping a video or audio journal where you can free-write and channel information from your Throat  Chakra is helpful to allow yourself the time and space to just be with this chakra area without restriction. Remember, one of the ways of healing this chakra is through using your voice and sound.
  • Ask questions to resolve the issue. Be curious and genuinely ask questions that will help resolve the negative event in your mind.
  • Move the energy out of your body. Use emotional freedom technique tapping or guide the energy out of your body with your hands. You can also imagine your chakra spinning and see the purple or bluish-purple color get brighter as you do this.
  • Use crystals to release the stuck emotions from your body.
  • Use color therapy to imagine the color and light drawing the stuck emotions and energy out of your body. Imaging the light outside your body and any negative or trapped emotions being drawn to it, then dissolving in the light.
  • Use art therapy to draw what’s going on in your Throat Chakra and to release the energy that’s stuck there.
  • Use music or a guided meditation to release the stuck energy from your Throat Chakra.