How Do Distant Energy Healings Work?

Feb 10, 2020All Posts, Healing1 comment

Energy healings can be transmitted across any distance and still be as effective as if the client were sitting in the same room. Clients may not be aware of the healing energy; however, they will receive the benefits.

The first priority when doing healing is to let out any energy that may be repressed in the cells. Releasing this energy will allow the chakras to open. The next step your practitioner may take is to balance your chakras and to put your energy system into alignment. The alignment of energy will be felt in the physical body.

Human bodies are full of energy and energetic vibrations. Each interaction can leave the body with a vibration or a subtle imprint. These interactions can contain toxic waste that may cause blockages in the body. The blockages may turn into negative symptoms such as depression, physical pain, or anxiety, as well as other manifestations. Distant healings can help remove the blockages and bring balance and happiness to your body.

Practitioners can vary in their healing methods. Practitioners may be trained in multiple ways and transmit whichever they feel best aids your healing.

How does a distance energy healing session work?

The session will last about an hour, and you should be comfortable during this time. Recline in a cozy chair, wear clothes that fit loosely, and cover your body with a blanket. Place your practitioner on speakerphone or Bluetooth so that you do not need to hold the phone.

The practitioner may be silent during the session, but you may release whatever emotions you need to. You should relax and know that whatever you feel, physically or emotionally, is part of the healing process.