May 15, 2019Breakups, Healing1 comment

Have you just gotten broken up with? Has it been years since you’ve been with that special someone, but you can’t get them out of your head? Do you long for reunion with a certain someone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are that you are suffering from a broken heart. It can be huge and painful, actually making you feel like your heart hurts and you’re going to die, or it can just be sad and lonely thinking about the person who isn’t around.

However you’re feeling today, I want to help you with an easy technique that involves crystals. It will help you feel more at peace and able to release this person from your mind and life.

In the psychic readings that I do, I often get told that “I’ve never shared anything like this with anyone before,” or “I don’t have anyone else to talk to.” It’s common that when I go somewhere, people come up to me and will start talking about things that are going on in their lives. It’s actually a part of my energetic pattern and how I’m made.

But, oftentimes, I’ve not had anyone to talk to myself about things from the past. I would try, but seeing psychics is sometimes costly so I started looking at other ways to release the past. Using crystals to heal from broken heart became one of my favorite ways to do it.


One reason why I suggest that you use crystals to heal your broken heart is because you don’t have to say anything to a crystal. It will do the work for you by drawing off the negative memory and energy and releasing it back out to source where it can be reused for good and positive things.

Using a crystal doesn’t mean that you may not recall the actual incident, words, and feelings though so keep that in mind if you’re using a crystal to heal a past heart break. Using a crystal will often bring the memory back into your consciousness for you to remember and actively look at it to heal and transform the stuck emotions. If you aren’t too sure how to do this, or think it may be too painful, get an energy healing session to work through it with a trusted healer.

If you don’t mind recalling the incident, I can assure you that it would only last for a few seconds before releasing. Using a crystal will bring flashes of the situation to your mind in recall, but it also releases the energy from the situation. The result, by the next morning, is that you will feel much more at peace and able to put that person and heartbreak behind you.

Crystals are used as a connector and a separator in healing work. In studies, they’re shown to work whether you use a real crystal or a placebo one. What works is that they separate you from being too entangled in the energy of what you’re trying to release. Often, you may be too close to the situation and unable to release it based on conflicting thoughts and feelings.

The crystal separates your energy from the situation and allows you to be neutral to it. The crystal can then draw out the trapped emotions because you’re no longer holding onto them and are, instead, ready to release them from your body.

The crystal works to connect to the energy of the trapped emotions and memories to release them from you.


I suggest to choose a Master Healer crystal. It’s a crystal that is very clear. It’s also a white quartz crystal. If you can guess why I suggest to use a very clear crystal, it is that if it is cloudy, the information will not come through with as much clarity in your conscious mind as it will when the crystal is clear.


If you’re using a crystal that you use often, and it isn’t working as well as it did once before, it just needs to be sage smudged and recharged. To do this, you can use sage and burn it with the smoke rising up to touch the crystal. Then place the crystal on a selenite charging plate to recharge. You can also use a crystal cluster to recharge the crystal.


Okay, by now, you’re probably wondering HOW DO I DO THIS?!? I’m going to spill the beans for you now and help you use crystals to heal your broken heart.

1. Get a Master Healer white quartz crystal. The clearer it is, the easier it will be to use. It doesn’t have to be super long. I’ve tested long wand crystals that are clear to semi-clear to cloudy and they don’t work any better than short crystals that are super clear.

2. Take your crystal in one hand and move it around your head. Most of the time, you won’t feel anything, but in some places, you will feel some energy. The way it feels is that it could feel like a little tap, a zing of energy, like your head hurts in that area, and it could even show up as a little sting on your head or in another part of your body. Just pay attention to how you feel as you move the crystal around your head.

3. When you notice a sensation of feeling in one area of your head, keep the crystal there where you feel the sensation.

4. Tell the crystal to remove that energy, memory, or negative emotion from your body now. You may start to feel energy coming from the crystal as in drawing the energy from where you have it pointed. If you take the crystal down from that spot, you might also notice that another part of your head or body starts to have a warm or cool, good feeling sensation to it, almost that of relief or happiness. Even if you feel nothing at all, continue to keep the crystal there drawing off the negative energy.

5. If you notice other places in your body begin to feel tight and hurt like energy is coming up to the surface in those areas, move the crystal to them and release the energy there. Think of the crystal like a vacuum hose you use to get the nooks and crannies of a corner, or along the baseboards. You may have to move the crystal around those areas that have the sensation to draw off the energy, moving it around until you find the right spot where the energy can be released. The crystal will suck up the energy, but you have to move it around to get it to do that.

6. While you’re moving the crystal around, you can ask the crystal to stop at places that have energy and memories that need to be released to help it along. Since crystals will work with your intention through noticing the sensations in your body, try to keep telling it to stop at places that need healing to draw off and release the energy.

7. When you feel you’ve drawn off all of the energy, you can stop. You may notice your body release the energy and collapse a bit. You may stop feeling sensations when you move it around. Or you just might feel tired. However your body responds to the crystal when you’re done will take your conscious effort to notice this.


After you’ve used the crystal to release the negative energy, you may want to journal about your experience and anything that you feel is still stuck. If you’re not sure what to journal about, try asking questions that are focused on healing, including:

  • What did I learn from my experience with that person?
  • Are there any memories that still need healing?
  • If yes, what are the memories I need to work with next time?
  • What can I be grateful for from this healing session?