Healing Chakras Using Focused Energy (Meditation)

Jun 10, 2020Chakras1 comment

The goal of balancing your chakras is to allow energy to flow freely through your body and clear any blockages that may be present. Facilitating the release of negative energy is essential to your overall health. Negative energy stored in the chakras can create physical and emotional ailments. You owe it to yourself to clear all of that baggage out and live your best, most fulfilling life. Using meditation or focused energy, is an effective way to clear blockages from your chakras.

The following is a step by step guide to beginning the process of clearing blockages from each of your 7 chakras.

  1. While sitting comfortably and concentrating on your breath, focus all of your attention on the Root chakra. Try to visualize the red spherical energy turning and creating a vibrational resonance within your body. Hold this visualization for as long as is comfortable. A red jasper is a great stone to use while healing the root chakra. See a 7-pc Chakra natural stone set that includes Red Jasper here.

2. Next focus your energy on the Sacral chakra. Again visualize the chakra as a vibrant ball of energy, this time orange in color, spinning freely.

3. Next focus all of your attention on the Solar Plexus chakra point. This ball of energy will be yellow and turning in a smooth motion. Focus intently on this chakra and visualize the energy flowing steadily an uninhibited through your being.

4. Now, turn your attention to the Heart chakra. Visualize a green spherical gathering of energy turning and moving freely. Concentrate on clearing this chakra. Be aware of your breath and hold for as long as is comfortable.

5. Following that, focus your energy on the Throat chakra and visualize a blue sphere of energy. Let the energy flow in and out of your body, unimpeded.

6. Next put all of your attention into the Third Eye chakra. Concentrate on allowing energy to flow smoothly, removing any blockages.

7. Now, focus your attention and energy on the Crown Chakra and visualize a bright white light flowing down into the chakra filling you with positive, healing energy.

Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to clear your chakras of any blockages and restore balance to you mind, body, and spirit.

Making chakra cleansing a regular part of your spiritual care routine can avoid problems in the future and can serve to address blockages quickly, not allowing them to fester and turn into bigger problems or more severe physical ailments. A wide variety of chakra healing techniques are available, you will need to find what works best for you, and make a regular part of your life in order to see the most benefit.

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