Have a Ghost? See How We Removed It With a Healer

Apr 13, 2019Experiences, Paranormal1 comment

Just a normal looking house sitting on a normal looking street with other normal looking houses… or that’s what we thought. When we first visited the house, I thought this is great. It looks comfortable. There’s space for us all and best of all no lingering energy.

That was until we went into the garage. As soon as I opened the under the stairs door, out popped a spirit of a man. He seemed curious about us.

I didn’t say anything to Brent, my boyfriend, about it or the girls. I just kept it to myself and thought, well, maybe it wouldn’t be a problem.

When we put in the application for this place, we had to nearly fight to get approved. They didn’t take Paypal account listings as proof of income and we were $10 short of their requirements. The real estate agent fought for us to have them lower the rent by $10 so we could be approved.

Moving Into the New House

Once we moved in and started sleeping at the new house, I felt like that ghost was watching me and entering my thoughts. It would send thoughts that would trigger past negative memories and emotions in a flash of a second. Even while I was brushing my teeth.

I had the feeling of being watched. It felt like there was a shadow presence in different parts of the house. It was a scary feeling.

I tried to ignore it. I thought maybe it would go away. But, then again, my girls and I lived with a ghost that wreaked havoc in our family for nearly 3 years so I knew that, unless we did something about it, it wasn’t going to stop. It would only get worse.

I Started Having Dreams

I would have dismissed this except that I had already seen the spirit and I started having dreams. I never have dreams… unless it is something major that needs to get my attention.

The dream I had was one of isolation and caused me to feel lonely. I tried to figure out why I would be having a dream about a past event in my teens that I’ve already dealt with, but here it was coming up again.

I immediately started talking back to how I felt about the emotions I experienced from the dream. I provided evidence that its version of reality was untrue. I reminded myself of how much my family loves me, says they love me everyday, and how I’ve even worked from home just to be here for my girls and have that tight family bond I felt they (and myself) needed.

It worked. I felt a snap of energy like whatever was causing the feeling of isolation had gone.

Brent Asked Me About the Ghost

I still kept it to myself until Brent came to talk with me about what he had experienced. Apparently, I think that he is more sensitive than I am. He recounted experiences similar to mine and some that were so perceptive about the people who lived in the house before us, the ghost, and other things he picked up on.

We also shared how we both talked to the ghost and commanded it to stop, but it wasn’t listening.

It was then that I knew the past could repeat itself again from the previous ghost we lived with who brought chaos in our lives. I knew this ghost was malicious and, since it wasn’t listening to us or our requests, it was time to remove it from the house.

Getting Rid of the Ghost

I felt a little scared to do it on my own. When people ask me to remove ghosts, no problem. I find the courage to do it and it gets done.

But dealing with my own ghost, I had to turn to a trusted healer named Master Kenji.

I’ve had healings from him before and he always hits the nail on the head in his intuitive summaries. Plus, as soon as he performs the healing, it’s done, gone! Like magic.

As soon as he got rid of the ghost, we could feel it was gone.

Even when Brent came home, he said he no longer felt the energy there anymore.

It’s been going on 1 month now and we no longer feel scared or like there’s a ghost in the house. At times, we do smell smoke and link this to the potential that there is another ghost who a different reader told us about that they said smoked, but we haven’t experienced anything negative from this presence so all good!