Does He/She Still Love ? Me? Pick A Card Tarot Reading ✨ ?

Apr 20, 2020Psychic, Tarot, Weekly Tarot Card1 comment

Today’s reading answers the question: Does he still love me? in a 3 card Tarot reading.In the reading, I pull 3 Tarot cards using the Crystal Visions Tarot, Rider Waite, and the Psychic Tarot decks, and also 3 crystals to help uncover hie feelings towards you. I also use my intuitive abilities that include Clairvoyance and Clairsentience to tune into the person inquiring and also the collective of people watching the video.

If you feel this reading resonates with you, you can find my services available here for a more in-depth psychic reading for your situation.

Listen through each reading because they hold a bigger picture story for you to know their feelings in this situation.

You’re welcome to ask questions and leave feedback in the comments.

The crystals included in the video are:

✨White Quartz

✨Rose Quartz


Card Decks Used:

?Crystal Visions Tarot

?Rider Waite Tarot

?Psychic Tarot