Discover Your Clairvoyant Psychic Ability

May 4, 2019Psychic, Use Your Abilities1 comment

One of the reasons why it’s suggested to connect with the universe for guidance is that it creates more of your Zen-Universe. By using your abilities, instead of repressing them, you can make better decisions in your life.

You don’t have to worry or feel unsafe in the world. By tapping into the guidance of the universe, you can know that, if you are honest about what you are seeing and feeling, you will listen to yourself and make the right decisions for you.

Picture a door.

If you just saw a door in your inner mind (your imagination), then you have the ability to use your Clairvoyance.

The reason I said to picture a door first is because I’ve heard people often say they can’t use their Clairvoyance because they never see anything. Most of the time this statement comes from Clairsentient dominant individuals. However, if you’re one of these people, and you pictured a door, then you can use your Clairvoyant skills. You just have to learn how to use them.

Use Crystals For Protection

For starters, I recommend having a few crystals around for protection. If you don’t have crystals, you can simply say, “I practice my psychic abilities for the good of all in love and light. I only allow love and light into my space.”

The crystals I recommend for protection of your space include:

• Quartz Crystal – Can be any size clear or cloudy quartz crystal including terminated points or clusters. Quartz crystal can be used to bring white light and more positive energy into your space. It also helps with calming your energy and helping to balance your emotions, which is helpful to see clearly when you’re using your psychic abilities.

• Selenite – Can be any size. Selenite is my first line of defense against energy outside of me, which includes other people. I am online and communicate through email and the web just about every day. I keep selenite on my desktop keyboard to block outside energies from people. Its presence increases peace in my home and office.

How to Recognize Your Clairvoyance

Using your Clairvoyance is like using your imagination. Only, most of the time, during a reading, the visions will appear in your inner mind on their own. You may see flashes of images or what appear to be videos playing in your inner mind.

At first, these may come very fast with many images flashing in your mind too quickly to make sense of what you’re seeing. Not to worry. Just ask these rapid images and videos to slow down and only show you the most important information you need right now.

Since doing a psychic reading on a site like Keen or Kasamba can go really fast, I advise you to practice using your Clairvoyance with friends, family, and even clients off of those sites first.

Of course, if you want to get on the psychic sites right away, you can. It just takes some patience and practice and the mindset to succeed while you’re getting used to using your ability.

To practice, start doing a Clairvoyant Seeing Session for yourself (and maybe your family) every morning. You can take about 10-15 minutes for the session or longer.

Here’s what you do each morning:

1. Take a notebook that is dedicated to your psychic readings to record what you see.
2. Ask a question that you want guidance about. If you can’t think of a question, try asking: what do I most need to know about today?
3. Freeze frame the first image or video that shows up in your inner mind.
4. Record exactly what you are seeing first.
5. Then ask: What does this image or video mean to me?
6. Record what you instantly know, think, feel, or sense about what you are seeing.

Here’s some tips to help you with your Clairvoyant Seeing Session:

• If you’re not getting any images, try laying down and using your imagination, like daydreaming for a few minutes. The information may come through your daydream so take note of what you are seeing. Even if you’re seeing dragons and princesses, they may not be relevant to your day, but the story line and feelings can often be.

• If you’re seeing things that appear to have cryptic messages, or are symbolic with no clear meaning, then ask more questions to clarify the message. Get curious and ask questions like: What does this mean? What does this object represent to me? What message of guidance is this saying to me?