Crystals That Help with Weight Loss

Jun 22, 2019Crystals, Healthy Living, Weight Loss1 comment

Are you eating too much? Feeling like nothing has helped you stop eating? Need some help to lose some weight?

Bet you didn’t think that crystals can help you with weight loss! They can, but there is a catch. It will take some time and energy to focus on using crystals to help you with weight loss. With your focused attention, you can do anything! Having a crystal as a reminder or stone to lean on for comfort, calmness, and guidance will help direct your intention to lose the weight.

Let’s see how!

Have You Tried Everything To Lose Weight?

Whether you’ve tried over-the-counter medications, prescriptions, or even going on your own with this or that diet, it can be frustrating when you make some progress and then put all of the weight (and then some) back on! I get it. I’ve been down that road too and I still struggle with weight loss! But lately, I’ve been doing some research, and using myself and others who have tried different techniques to come up with a plan to help in this area.

I know how frustrating it is to try a prescription medication and then to go off of it only to gain back the weight. I know how it is to do an intense exercise routine only to have something happen and your schedule and energy is interrupted, only to lose your focus and stop working out.

There’s a lot of scenarios you could be in and likely I’ve been through them all!

So I want to share with you what’s working now.

Focused Intention = Focused Action

Did you know that with focused intention you could literally do anything? Even change the weather. It is true and I’ve seen it in action quite a few times. There’s even an experiment that has been performed entirely online and through distant focused intention of a few thousand people that changed the weather. Amazing, right?!?

Well, through focused intention, you have the ability to lose weight inside of you. All it takes is for you to turn on that focused intention dial to “YES! I am losing weight now!”

Want to try it?

Here’s what you do:

  1. Sit quietly and clear your mind of any negative chatter going on in there
  2. Allow one word to come up that is representing your thoughts and desires on losing weight
  3. Keep that word as a call to mind whenever you need it to help you focus your intention
  4. Now put the intention for you to lose weight out to the universe. Simply say “I am now losing weight. Anything I need to do that is helpful and supportive of my overall wellbeing and health comes to me now. The universe supports me in losing weight to reach my goal of having a healthy body. I thank the universe in advance for helping me in keeping with this intention.”

Once you’ve put your intention out to the universe, take the word that came to you and write it in BIG, BOLD letters and stick it to your fridge and where you sit or stand when you’re working or wherever you often feel hungry. This will serve as your reminder word to help you refocus your intention on losing weight.

It’s especially helpful for those mid-afternoon coffees or snacks or late night cravings!

Keep It Simple

For your diet, you don’t have to follow this or that diet, but you do need to keep it as simple as possible. I recommend eating a Keto or Mediterranean diet because these will help you balance your veggies to carbs to fruit and protein intake and rev up your body to burn fat. Plus they’re healthy as long as you choose to eat more veggies and natural foods rather than processed foods.

I do recommend that you not skimp on meals to lose weight. It’s easier to lose weight if you think of food as energy and still eat an average amount of calories of at least 1000, 1200, 1600 per day, depending on your normal eating patterns. Otherwise you could be prone to feeling really hungry and then eating a lot in one sitting, anything you can get your hands on, and way too many processed foods, carbs, or fats.

Try to eat 3 meals per day and 2 snacks in between, or one snack for later at night if you have cravings.

The more you keep it simple with eating natural foods, not processed, the more you will naturally lose weight.

Crystals That Help with Weight Loss

  • Kyanite – Releases excess weight and baggage from your energetic system. Helps with detoxing and flushing out toxins. It is helpful to move you to a higher frequency, although some inner work and insight will be involved for it to do this. It’s helpful to open your throat chakra and release all pent up emotions by speaking your truth. It will help you to release what you’ve been holding onto inside, which will open up a new space of energy for you to allow yourself a joy and ease in weight loss.
  • Seraphinite – Before beginning your exercise routine, sit and meditate with Seraphinite. It will help to open your energy centers and chakras to flow better and allow yourself the focus and concentration you need to exercise, especially if you’re feeling unmotivated. It will help with clearing your mind of clutter also. You can take it with you on the go or sleep with it under your pillow. I recommend to keep it with you in your pocket or on a necklace. Its energy will help to change your energy into more focus on health and wholeness, eating only what you need for fuel.
  • Sodalite – Regulates your metabolism and energy levels. Its color is blue and that is instantly a color therapy helper for losing weight. Experts say to eat food on a blue plate because the color blue will reduce your cravings. Sodalite works much the same way. It is calm and soothing, helping you want to eat less because you will feel more comforted.
  • Amethyst – Helps with fighting addictions and keeping you grounded, amethyst’s purple color provides soothing energy for your entire aura.
  • Red Jasper – Aids in helping your digestive system. It’s also a grounding stone so that you will feel like you are able to take a stand and stick with the plan to lose weight. Brings in courage and fires up your energy to take action, especially with exercising. It can be a stone of action to get you moving into reaching your goals.
  • Smoky Quartz – A very grounding stone that will help you in becoming unstoppable in your weight loss efforts. It helps you in your resolve and goals. It also helps you see past any blocks to resolving them and overcoming hurdles so that you can reach your goals. Will help with any ailments or pain in your body.

There are quite a few stones and crystals I left out that are also good for weight loss. These are some of the top ones whose energy is helpful in keeping focused intention on losing weight without weighing you down too much with working through past events that can often be the cause for weight gain. If you’re experiencing negative thoughts and believe these are associated with weight gain, I invite you to check out our Think Zen, Be Zen coaching that can help you move past those thoughts and clear the way for you to lose weight.