How to Use Crystals and a Journal to Manifest What You Want

Aug 19, 2020Manifesting1 comment

One of the most powerful ways I’ve manifested things in my life is through using a journal and crystals. By writing in a journal, I not only express my thoughts and feelings but also what I wish to have from the universe. Using a crystal helps as a visual reminder of my intentions, especially when used on a crystal grid set up for a specific intention. Here’s how you can get started by using a journal and crystal to manifest what you want.

How to Create an Intention Setting Journal

There is really no right or wrong way to go about doing this, but there are ways to optimize your manifesting ability and make it stronger. What I recommend is to pick one way to journal and that is through writing longhand, which is using a pen and paper instead of typing on your computer.

You can still use the computer to type out your journal if you wish. I’ve journaled this way before and it is still effective. By writing longhand, I’ve noticed things happening more frequently than using a computer to type it out.

When I refer back to the journal entries from using longhand, I’ve found that more of these manifested for me. I’m still stuck in some of the areas I wrote about via computer like with Google docs, email, and a journal app on my phone.

While using digital devices may work for you, for me it didn’t as much as longhand works for me. Try out both ways and see which one works the best for you.

I recommend testing them out with short term goals first to see which one brings you the best opportunities the fastest.

If you are using longhand as your writing style, select a journal or notebook you can dedicate to manifesting through your journaling.

If you are using digital devices to type your journal, try Google docs, emailing to a partner, or the Intuition Journal app for your phone or tablet.

Be sure to refer to your journal regularly to see what you’ve manifested. I recommend a monthly review at the end or start of each month. By reviewing what you’re writing about, it also helps you to take in account gratitude as you mark off the things you’ve manifested.

Using a Crystal with Your Journal

If you’ve already set an intention with your crystal of choice, have it nearby when you write in your journal. A crystal serves as a visual reminder of your intention and can help clear out any negative thoughts or doubts or any other issues around manifesting what you want.

Crystals also serve as great guidance and healing tools.

Sometimes we aren’t able to manifest what we want until we clear out lower level energies. The problem is that we sometimes are not aware of them. We may think there’s nothing blocking us from reaching our wishes. But, there are times when we are simply not aligned with what we want to manifest.

If you find yourself unable to manifest what you want, it’s likely that you are not aligned with it. But your crystal of choice can help with that.

If you find yourself stuck when writing in your journal, either not able to identify feelings or how to do something, or just not getting the answers and way to move forward, then use your crystal to ask for guidance.

You can ask your crystal for guidance by simply asking questions of it. You will receive an answer. The crystal is a visual medium for channeling your higher self, the universe/God, or what you believe in.

If you are only hearing or perceiving faint answers, hold the crystal up to your forehead to tune into the universe more. You will then get answers more easily. Ask questions around why you are stuck, what you need to do, how to get aligned to your wishes, and the deeper questions of why this is happening, if it is a past or present life issue, what you need to learn, and any other questions that come to mind.

Use Your Crystal for Healing

As things come up in answer to your questions, you can also use your crystal for healing. If you are able to find the root cause of an issue that, when removing it, will help you align to what you want, use your crystal to clear it out.

To do this, ask your crystal for guidance to remove the obstacle that is showing up in your energy. What I usually do, if I’m using a white quartz crystal is to hover the crystal around my head and body until I feel the energy that wants to be released.

The best way to describe that energy is that the crystal simply stops in place when I reach it. I feel the energy inside me as a little ball that is tight and the crystal wants to pull it out.

I will then either hold the crystal where the energy is located and ask the energy to come out or for the crystal to take the energy out. Or I may pull the crystal back from where the energy is located and the energy naturally comes out on its own. Kind of like I am pulling the energy out with the crystal as I pull back on the crystal.

I also use the command, “Release,” to release the energy. It’s an interesting story where I learned that command. I’ll share it with you sometime.

As you clear energy from your body, you will feel clearer and lighter, better able to let go of holding on to what you want to manifest. As you let go, it will come to you more easily than trying to manifest it or think about it all the time.

Write Down Your Intentions in Your Journal

Make sure that you are writing down the intentions you want to manifest in your journal. There is not a formal way to go about this. I will typically start off with these prompts:

  • Today…
  • Dear God
  • Dear Angels
  • Dear Universe
  • I am grateful for

I start writing from there about news and things in that are going on in my life. Then I will go into what I want to manifest.

It can even be as simple as writing a list of things you want. I’ve also written in a journal before a list of what I want in a soul mate. Years later after being with him for about 2 years, we came across the list in a box in the garage. I could check off nearly everything I asked for on that list that manifested in him!

Yes, I was surprised!

So, truly, you can manifest what you want. Back then I had doubt I would meet my soulmate but I also had faith too. Something in my heart said I would meet him one day and I did.

Have faith and keep writing!