Crystal Meanings: Selenite

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crystal meanings selenite healing properties

Selenite Crystals are the perfect gift for the creative spirits and crystal lovers in your life. Selenite is a crystal that opens the mind and the heart, cleanses and protects the spirit, and brings a peaceful and loving energy into a person’s life.

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum or a form of Satin-Spar typically found in Morocco. Selenite is derived from the name of the Greek goddess Selene and means “moon glow”. Selenite is a beautiful shimmering milky white color that really embodies its name. We also offer the peachy orange coloration variety.

Selenite is a porous and soft mineral. It should not be introduced to water or it may become damaged or break.

Selenite Heart Meaning and Uses

Selenite is a must-have for any crystal lover for its powerful properties associated with cleansing, healing, and dispelling negative influences. A heart-shaped crystal reinforces these positive qualities by infusing these properties with loving energy. Heart crystals are frequently used as the focus of a grid to infuse the entire thing with positive, loving energy.

Selenite is a cleansing protection crystal that is useful in protecting yourself and your home by repelling negative influences. This crystal is tied to the Crown chakra and is used in work with the higher mind and spirit, removing physical and spiritual blocks. Selenite calls down protection from the angelic realm. It creates a peaceful, safe space away from the chaos of the outside world that facilitates meditation and healing.

Selenite’s Healing Properties

Selenite’s cleansing properties extend to the physical and is said to remove “free radicals”. This can encourage healing at the cellular level as well as being associated with skeletal structures. Selenite can improve memory and relieve discomfort associated with dental pain.

Many mothers use selenite while they are breastfeeding. A selenite crystal encourages a peaceful and loving atmosphere for babies while helping ease the mother’s discomfort.

A selenite stone is the perfect gift for anyone in your life. Crystal lovers will appreciate the protection and healing qualities, creative spirits will love the mental clarity that selenite provides, and everyone else can appreciate the beauty of this stone.