Change Your Fate with the Mul Manta

Jun 22, 2019Healing, Mantras1 comment

The Mul Mantra with Snatum Kaur is helpful to change your fate!

According to “Iam SCA” and Yogi Bhajan, chanting the Mul Mantra “is a fate killer. It removes the fate and changes the destiny to COMPLETE prosperity.”

This manta is known as a complete devotion to God, the one creator of the universe. If you chant the mantra and truly dwell on the words, you will feel your alignment with God. Anything you’ve put before him will fade as you simply chant the words and honor his creation, including you!

Here’s the lyrics translated:

“Ek Onkar – There is Only One God.
Sat Naam – His Name is True.
Karta Purakh – He is the Creator.
Nirbhau – Without Fear.
Nirvair – Without Hate.
Akaal Moorat – Ominipresent.
Ajooni – Free from Birth and Death.
Saibhan – Self-Illuminating.
GurParsad – Realized through the Grace of the True Guru.
Jap – Meditate upon His Name.
Aad Sach – For He was True when Time Began.
Jugaad Sach – He has been True since the Ages.
Hai Bhi Sach – He is still True.
Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach – Guru Nanak says He will forever be True.”

Thanks to Iam SCA on Youtube for this!