Carnelian – Crystal Meanings

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  • Grounding, anchoring and stabilizing your energy and focus into reality
  • Motivating to accomplish goals without fear
  • Assists in focus and releasing heavy emotions, apathy, stress, and any other emotions blocking your path to success

Carnelian is an orange to red colored stone. It comes in a variety of sizes, but just a little rock will have a strong impact. The colors lend a hand in releasing fear and apathy to motivate you into taking steps forward in your goals. If you meditate with Carnelian, it can create a fiery energy barrier around you to continually be moving forward in whatever you’re creating in your life. It helps with emotional release of heavy, painful emotions tied to the past, and assists with encouragement and inspiration.

Carnelian is Useful to:

  • Let go of the past
  • Restoring energy and motivation to achieve your goals
  • Assists in creative projects and focus
  • Grounds and anchors your energy to reality and focuses your perception on what’s going on now, not in the past
  • Gives clarity in communicating your purpose and intent to others

Healing Properties of Carnelian

Emotional – Emotionally, carnelian can release stuck emotions like apathy that can be harmful and limiting to your life. It promotes positive encouragement to release past, painful emotions that have kept you stuck and from seeing opportunities. As you see things differently, carnelian helps for you to focus on the present and that those memories may not have been so bad or don’t need to be focused on at this time, that you can truly create the life you wish to live. It releases feelings of anger, rage, lust, pride, and other trapped emotions that may keep you in a negative pattern as well.

Mental – Carnelian helps you focus on the present so that you can accomplish your projects and goals with ease. It motivates you to see a perspective from a place of action. In this perspective, you can notice the hurdles you’ve had to face, or challenges you will face in the future, and see how to overcome them. As you focus on the present, you will naturally let the past go and achieve your goals.

Physical – Physically, carnelian re-energizes you! It works in the root chakra to ground and stabilize your energy (Hall, J., p. 95). It also works with the following: arthritis, healing depression, reproduction and fertility, lower back problems, blood, kidneys, bones, and ligaments (Hall, J., p. 95).

Spiritual – Carnelian assists spiritually by taking you our of a state of negative repeating patterns and bringing enlightenment to your perceptions. Only you can change you so Carnelian works to change your mood and perception, which changes your thoughts and feelings. As you are grounded and stabilized, you will naturally climb up the ladder of enlightenment to a higher perception and outlook on life.

Try This!

  • The next time you’re feeling tired, but have to focus on studying for a test or need to push through to get a project completed, place a piece of Carnelian near you to help stimulate and recharge your energy.
  • When you feel stuck in your writing, art, music, or other creative project, try meditating with a piece of Carnelian to stimulate your creative flow again.
  • If you’re trying to achieve success in a job position or your business, possibly with a launch, keep a piece of Carnelian around you to keep your energy going and flowing and your perception focused on the task at hand.

Chakras: Root
Affirmation: I am creating what I believe is fun!
My focus is on the here and now!

Hall, Judy. The Crystal Bible (Cincinnati, OH: Walking Stick Press, 2003).