Aventurine – Crystal Meanings

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  • Prosperity stone that brings good luck
  • Encourages leadership and decision making abilities
  • Stabilizes the mind to see clearly and fosters creativity

Aventurine comes in different colors of green, blue, red, brown, and peach. It’s known as a prosperous stone that helps its carrier or wearer have good luck. It also balances out perceptions so that you see reality clearly and aren’t caught up in fantasy. It aids in preventing delusions. It’s also helpful to foster creativity and compassion to promote leadership abilities, especially for businesses and in social justice issues.

It’s a great stone to have when you go on job interviews, need to bring in money quickly, or want a clear mind when balancing your checkbook and paying off bills easily. It’s good luck and fortune energies will help you to stabilize your financial matters. It’s also helpful in planning and envisioning the future of your financial affairs, whether through investments or business and marketing planning.

Aventurine is Useful to:

  • Positive for prosperity and wealth, keeping bills paid, and all financial matters
  • Blocks geopathic stress and protects against cell phone and electromagnetic waves
  • Assists in the awareness of past issues that lead to disease to release these
  • Stabilizes the mind and provides clear perception
  • Helps to connect the heart with the mind to make good decisions
  • Enhances well being in the body and feeling good
  • Fosters creativity
  • Brings in the energies of universal love and self love

Healing Properties of Aventurine

Aventurine is a natural geopathic stress and electromagnetic smog blocker. It enhances your energy to help you feel good in your body and have more energy. Aventurine also stabilizes your mind by clearing perceptions to bring in awareness of all sides of a situation before making a decision. It opens the heart chakra and protects against energy vampires (Hall, J., p. 74). In the physical body, Aventurine helps with the thymus, nervous system, blood pressure, metabolism, cholesterol, allergies, migranes, heart, lungs, sinuses, and muscular systems (Hall, J., p. 74). It can also relieve skin problems (Hall, J., p. 74). Because skin problems often come from a past issue, Aventurine also helps to find the source of the disease to release it from your body and serves as an anti-inflammatory (Hall, J., p. 74).

Try This!

  • The next time you need to raise money or capital for your project, try carrying and meditating on a piece of Aventurine. It will help bring good luck and also will open doors of opportunities.
  • If you have a skin condition like psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea, or eczema, try carrying or wearing a piece of Aventurine to relieve the symptoms. Also try journaling with Aventurine to find the root cause of the issue.
  • When you need to block cell phone waves or energy from other electronic devices, tape a piece of Aventurine to the item to ward off the emissions.

Chakras: Heart Chakra

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