Aquamarine – Crystal Meanings

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  • Reduces stress with its calming blue color and energy
  • Stabilizes and brings harmony to chaotic surroundings
  • Supports empaths and psychics with their intuitive gifts and releases fear of judgment

Aquamarine has a light blue color that invokes the feeling of calm and ease. It reduces fear and judgment from those who carry or wear it, especially helpful for psychics and empaths who may pick up on those negative feelings coming from others. Lends the support and stability to keep going through each day, especially when you feel you are near burnout or overwhelm.

Aquamarine provides the ability to be persistent and to overcome negative habits. With its calming effects, Aquamarine helps to release negative perceptions to gain clarity in situations you may find yourself in. It empowers sensitives and psychics to clearly see the future with Clairvoyance, bringing an insight into dreams and day-to-day visions that, when looked into, will reveal pockets of information about the future and general intuitive hits.

Aquamarine is Useful to:

  • Quiets the mind to release racing thoughts and negative perceptions
  • Increases awareness and intuition for psychics and empaths
  • Shields the aura from judgment and strengthens it
  • Stabilizes and brings order to a chaotic, unsettled environment
  • Increases clarity and communication with the angels
  • Links to Clairvoyance to see visions and interpretations more clearly
  • Clears the Throat Chakra to enlighten communication and improve reception from others
  • Assists in day-to-day tasks to improve consistency and persistence

Healing Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is healing for your home or office environment where you may be experiencing stress and overwhelm. Its energy and light blue color brings a balance to the situation that will lend in reducing chaos and disorder. It can help in healing negative perceptions and judgment from other people. It strengthens the aura to increase your ability to ward off psychic attacks on you or your family. Its strength lends consistency and persistence to whatever situation you may be facing at the moment.

In addition, Aquamarine is known to help in healing sore throats, swollen glands and the thyroid (Hall, J., p. 68). It can also be placed on the eyes to aid in rejuvenation, along the jaw and teeth (Hall, J., p. 68).

Try This!

  • The next time you’re experiencing stress, try holding a tumblestone or raw piece of Aquamarine in your hand and meditating or saying a mantra to release the stress and worry.
  • If you feel your home or office is a bit chaotic, create an area to set up Aquamarine stones as decor to help clear up the environment and calm emotions.
  • When you need to speak next, or communicate with someone, carry a piece of Aquamarine in your pocket or wear jewelry to encourage opening your Throat Chakra and bringing courage to release fear so you can speak clearly.

Chakras: Throat
Birthstone: March

Hall, Judy. The Crystal Bible (Cincinnati, OH: Walking Stick Press, 2003).